Simple tips to make most of the face MASK

I am going to share some of the face masking tips and tricks based on my experience. These are simple tricks that would give you proper utilization of the face mask. 1. Relax, relax and relax When our mind is free from stress and comforted, not just a face pack but anything that you want […]

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Recent Empties 2019 Vol. 2

Listing down the collective products that I used up in past few months. Klairs Matte 2 in 1 Cotton Pads These cotton pads are the best. I have already stashed multiple backups. There are 60 pads with criss-cross surface to help remove every bit of grime from the skin. The rest 60 pads are spongy […]

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Your heart breaks when your purchases turn into REGRETS!

Many times, we do a lot of research in search of finding a good product. We read enough reviews from trusted bloggers and make up mind to buy.

But, we often forget the fact that each skin type is different and so even if the product suits to everyone, the same might not suit you! And when it happens, we end up using the product because of its hefty price tag or pass it on to someone who we think would like it and many times the product lies on shelf reminding of the stupid decision.

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