Hello Everyone! A very warm welcome to my website. My name is Hiral and I am authoring this blog.

My education and professional background relates to IT. I started this blog to express my opinions and share the side of my life. Although I am an IT professional, this blog is totally dedicated to healthy lifestyle, ayurveda and skincare. Because that is what worked on my skin and body at times when I suffered from chronic diseases. I have seen miraculous results with alternative therapies. All it needs is your faith, patience and continuity. Of course you cannot expect overnight results.

When I saw the miraculous results in front of my eyes, I never went back to unhealthy diet/chemical laden skincare products. So here, I am going to share my experiences, reviews on products, natural remedies for body, some healthy recipes, DIY stuff.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts. Lots of love – Hiral

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and reading this post! I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Got any suggestions or requests for reviews or any skin concerns or just chit-chat or anything, we are just an email away to discuss!!! Feel free to shoot me an email here – blog.pepilio@gmail.com, I will reply for sure pinky promise! I would love to connect with you!