Valentines Skincare ft. My Favourite Calming Products

My skin gets flushed and irritated in no time – like in literally 10 mins post having spicy food, sun exposure or headache. Due to which I always keep effective calming products in my stash. I am sharing mini reviews of my favourite most effective products.

My Favourite Calming Products
Valentine’s Skincare ft. My Favourite Calming Products


Vegan Glow Mild Foam Cleanser

What an amazing cleanser! It is made of just 11 ingredients. It is very gentle, doesn’t strip off moisture, doesn’t contain any nasties, lathers mildly and cleanses skin so well. What else would you need from a cleanser!

Skincare Villa Lavender Cleanser

I love aroma of lavender so much in this cleanser. Aroma of lavender calms my mind and senses also, it is very finely milled and perfect for sensitive skin.


Pixi Rose Tonic

I have used this very few times and I am totally in love with this GEM. I will be grabbing a full sized bottle once I finish this little one. It smells of beautiful roses and calms my skin instantly. Love love love this toner. I had a coupon to avail 5 euro discount + free shipping plus I paid 0 customs!

Myoho Pure by Priyanka Green Tea Toner

This is a beautiful toner with extracts of cucumber, aloe, green tea along with 2% salicylic acid. It is too refreshing and calming, works amazingly!

Zofla Vetiver Water

I love almost all floral mists, but Vetiver water of Zofla is Khus ka sharbat. It smells too good. I feel like drinking it. Do try this one, you will be amazed!

Juicy Chemistry Damask Rose, Sweet Orange and Chamomile Eye Mist

Even though, this mist is designed for eyes, I use it on all over face! Concoction of sweet orange rose and chamomile hydrosols make this a perfect refreshing mist. It is very gentle and cooling.


Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

This blue cream is super cooling to skin. It works beautifully to calm sensitized skin due to allergy or heat. I use it on body also. Many people use this as a moisturizer but I use it only when my skin needs calmness. I always carry this whenever I travel.

Soultree Tulsi & Sandalwood Moisturizing Gel

This gel is oh so perfect for oily combination skin types. Sandalwood, tulsi, aloe calm skin at the same time the gel gives enough light dose of hydration. I swear by this gel. It is just perfect for sensitive skin!

Sferangs T Care Cream

This cream is specifically designed for sensitive skin. It is gel like cream and perfect for combination skin. I use just pea size amount for face. It has no irritants and it does calm skin.

Rustic Art Aloe Gel

Aloe gel is pure love and a must have in my routine whatsoever. I keep repurchasing it over and over. I have used uncountable jars of Rustic Art aloe gel, I will pick it up from other brand now. If you have any recommendations, do let me know in comment below.

Moolit Beauty Sunshine Drops

This is a rosehip oil based oil serum containing seabuckthorn extract, rosemary extract. To my surprise, I find it really calming and non comedogenic. I have thoroughly enjoyed this oil!


I’m From Mugwort Mask

Can you see in the picture – I have squeezed this tube entirely. There is just last usage left for which I will have to cut this tube. This mask is BOMB I tell you. It soothes skin like nobody’s business. This sample tube was gifted by Wishtrend with order. I will grab full sized mask if I see it at good deal somewhere.

I’m From Vitamin Tree Mask

This mask is a detox treat to skin. It makes skin soft supple and deeply cleansed. I am totally amazed by its performance. This too has just last usage left – I have no heart to finish it up.


Deciem The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Oh my my! This is 10 mins quick facial! What a brilliant product by TO. 2% BHA works exceptionally well on my skin. It reduces cysts to great extent and brings underground comedons or zits on surface and they get burst while washing face. Also whiteheads and blackheads fall off on their own. In case you are wondering what is to cherish about having on surface zits, let me tell you that if they don’t pop on surface, they do get inflamed and majority of times they turn into big cystic acnes that leave behind scars. AHA takes time to show results but BHA in this solution works magically on my skin.

PS – don’t use this solution if your skin is not tolerant to acids. Concentration of AHA and BHA is very high in this solution, my detailed review will be up soon.

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