Empties 2020 – Decluttering Part 3

Empties 2020 Part 3

Hey guys, I am up with the much delayed post today. Okay, you guys know that I am trying my level best to finish up the pending reviews and declutter things. Everything you see here is collected long back. Let’s get into the empties now. I have reviewed most of the things, if not reviews […]

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Empties 2020 – Decluttering Part 2

Empties 2020 - Decluttering Part 2

Hello hello! Your girl is up with another post with huge empties. These are not collected overnight. I have already stated in Decluttering Part 1 post that I am trying my level best to finish up pending reviews and get rid of empties. For some reason, I do not let go products and boxes even […]

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Empties 2020 – Decluttering Part 1

Empties 2020 - Huge Decluttering

Oh yes empties after ages! My last empties post was about August. Honestly, I had been collecting empties from really long time. I lost track and I wanted to keep some products for different posts hence I did not post this series. There are more empties than shown here but I need them for review […]

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Empties August 2019

Hello hello. Yes I am late in posting empties of August. Half of the month is already passed but better late than never right? Let’s jump into empties. Zofla Rose Water & Zofla Jasmine Water 🙁 I absolutely love all aromatic waters by Zofla. Another bottle of rose water is about to finish too. I […]

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Empties – July 2019

Hello, how have you been doing? I am back again with empties post of past month. It is raining all day here. I finished up decent amount of full sized products this month. I always say that it takes months to finish up the products, please don’t assume that I finished up these in just […]

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Empties – June 2019

Hello hello. This is the first post of July! Can’t believe that first half of the year is already finished. Coming up months will pass very fast due to all the festivities around! I haven’t posted a lot in this month due to work load, I will try my best to post as much as […]

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Recent Empties 2019 Vol. 2

Listing down the collective products that I used up in past few months. Klairs Matte 2 in 1 Cotton Pads These cotton pads are the best. I have already stashed multiple backups. There are 60 pads with criss-cross surface to help remove every bit of grime from the skin. The rest 60 pads are spongy […]

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Recent EMPTIES of 2019 vol. 1

Empty products:
Neemli naturals Coco lip balm
Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop
Innisfree Jeju Orchid Eye Cream
Plum E-luminence Deep Moisturizing Crème
Kama Ayurveda Kokum and Almond Body Butter
The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream

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