Cleansers for Dry Skin

Ever since I posted Dry Skin Series, I have been getting requests in comments and DMs to suggest cleansers for dry sensitive acne prone skin. Let me clarify that I have combination sensitive acne prone skin type which turned sahara dry for few months and I got to explore lot of skincare for opposite skin condition. I am stating cleansers that worked well on my skin and stating other cleansers that I feel will be appropriate for dry acne prone sensitive skin types. I hope this will be helpful. Detailed post on how I treated dry skin is here.

Basic Routine

I am briefly explaining which type of cleanser is supposed to be used in which routine.


If your skin feels ok without any cleanser and just with water wash, your life is sorted.  My skin never feels fine with just water wash though. You can use mild gel based cleanser or powder cleanser in morning. By chance, if you have not worn sunscreen and makeup then also you can go with these cleansers.  I am stating DIYs as well that work fine.


Always double cleanse in evening unless you have not used sunscreen/makeup. Use formulated emulsifying cleansing oil or balm that does not strip (they usually don’t) and melts every bit of dirt or grime. I prefer emulsifying cleansing oils because they are already in liquid form, you don’t have to work around to melt. Use cleansing oil/balm on dry face and massage for some time. Introduce water to emulsify and rinse. Follow up with gentle foaming cleanser to cleanse any residue that is left behind.

DIY Cleansers

These cleansers are meant to be used in AM routine.


Honey is an excellent humectant and rich in antioxidant properties. You can mix honey with rose water or water and use it as a cleanser. It is a beautiful nourishing mask cum cleanser.

Oats Water

Soak 2-3 spoon oats in half cup water for about an hour and strain that water. Use this water to cleanse your face. Oats are extremely soothing and calming. If you find water wash enough for your skin, this water is a great option.

Oats Cleanser

DIY Oats Cleanser
DIY Oats Cleanser

Mix oats, almonds and any dried floral/herb powder such as roses, lavender buds, calendula, chamomile, green tea, matcha green tea or any calming thing of your choice in 1:1:2 proportion. Grind it very well and use this powder cleanser. I have talked about this recipe in detail here.

Readymade Powder Cleansers for Dry Skin

Powder Cleansers for Dry Skin
Powder Cleansers for Dry Skin

I am stating nourishing or non stripping powder cleansers here. If you need some nourishment, you can always use milk or honey mixed with water/floral hydrosol to activate these cleansers instead of plain water. Use these in AM or in PM only if you haven’t used sunscreen/makeup.

Soap Stories India Cleansing Grains

Soap Stories India Foaming Cleansing Grains
Soap Stories India Foaming Cleansing Grains

This indie brand has formulated 2 variants – Hibiscus & Pomegranate and Chamomile & Cacao. I have both of them and I love the way they work. These are foaming powder cleansers. They produce creamy lather when rubbed in palms. Both variants are extremely gentle and non stripping. They leave skin hydrated. I love using chamomile variant when my skin seems super messy and inflamed. I use hibiscus one on regular days.

Earth Rhythm Hibiscus Cleansing Buff

Cleansing buffs by Earth Rhythm are very finely milled – resembles to talc I am not kidding. Hibiscus variant is great for dry skin type. It is super gentle and effective. They have many other variants as well. The little 50g jar will last you forever! My detailed review is here. Read till end for discount code!

The Tribe Concepts Brightening Daily Cleanser

This is a wonderful formulation by Tribe Concepts. It is very finely milled powder that does not feel harsh on skin. It does strip moisture but leaves skin nourished. Moreover, it leaves subtle glow behind. It is their bestseller and I know why!

Skincare Villa Cleansers

Skincare Villa Cleansers
Skincare Villa Cleansers

I have used and finished 3 variants – Green tea mint, Lavender and Aloe. Out of which I love using lavender one when my skin feels aggravated. Lavender one smells great, it calms my skin and senses down and it is slightly nourishing. Green tea mint is non stripping and excellent if you face tiny bumps. It is great if you have acne on back or shoulders. It smells amazing due to mint and it is refreshing. Aloe cleanser is non stripping and leaves skin calmed and soft. I like other two variants over aloe due to their aroma. The brand has oats almond cleanser which is great for dry skin types – I am yet to use it. You can read my in depth review on these cleansers here.

Healing Clay Blends Turmeric Cleanser

This is an oats based cleanser with more part of herbs. All the ingredients are very soothing and thoughtful. It is non stripping and very gentle. It works brilliantly to calm inflamed skin and acne.

Pure by Priyanka Powder Cleanser

This brand has 2 variants – one for dry skin and one for oily. I have Luminous variant which is for combination-oily skin but this is perfectly suitable to dry skin types too. As this does not strip moisture but leaves skin hydrated and plump. It has amazing ingredient list, slightly on pricey side but it is amazing.

Oil/Balm based First Cleansers for Dry Skin

Oil/balm based First Cleansers for Dry Skin
Oil/Balm based First Cleansers for Dry Skin

Use oil/balm cleanser in evening to take off makeup, sunscreen, dirt and grime. Oil based cleansers are great to melt and take off oil soluble impurities. It is necessary to follow up with foaming cleanser to take off any leftover behind. One needs to double cleanse in PM only.

Klairs Deep Cleansing Oil

What a beautiful cleansing oil Klairs has formulated! I am on my second bottle which itself shows how much I love it. It is extremely gentle cleansing oil that takes off literally everything. Since I don’t wear makeup, I need just 1 to 1 and half pumps to cover my face and hence it lasts me 7-8 months easily. I have used this on my worst days too and it doesn’t disappoint me at all.

Earth Rhythm Cleansing Balms

Earth Rhythm has amazing range of cleansing balms. I have their Matcha Green Tea variant, they have other variants which are good as well. These balms melt all the gunk from face and emulsify really well. The balm does not leave any oily residue behind. Their balms come in eco friendly tins!

Heimish Anti Dust Cleaning Pack

Heimish Anti Dust Cleaning Pack
Heimish Anti Dust Cleaning Pack

This cleanser works as a double cleanser. It deeply cleanses the skin without leaving it dry or hydrated. The gel cleanser forms bubbles when kept for some time. I do not feel the need of using other cleanser when I use this. I do not use this daily though, my skin feels little drying if I use it daily. This is a good deep cleanser for all skin types.

Gel Cleansers for Dry Skin

Gel Cleansers for Dry Skin
Gel Cleansers for Dry Skin

You can use gel cleansers either in morning or in evening. In evening, use it after oil/balm cleansing.

Vegan Glow Mild Foam Cleanser

This is the best foaming cleanser that I have ever used. It is very mild and clean. It produces creamy lather which is sufficient for all skin types. It neither strips moisture nor hydrates. A perfect pH balanced gel cleanser it is. It is suitable to ultra sensitive skin types as well.

Earth Rhythm Clear Gel Cleanser

This is a beautiful gel cleanser which doesn’t lather. It is a perfect mild non foaming cleanser that is suitable to all skin types. It is excellent for dry skin types. I love its beautiful packaging too – yes it comes in a glass bottle plus it is pretty affordable! Oily skin types won’t find this enough. My skin loves this in AM and PM as second cleanser.

Soultree Indian Rose Face Wash

Soultree Indian Rose Face Wash
Soultree Indian Rose Face Wash

This cleanser is very mild and gentle. It leaves skin nourished and soft. It has rose EO, that is not overpowering but do check the ingredients if you are sensitive to it. Soultree has sample sizes too.

Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser

This is a super mild and gentle honey based cleanser which is a great option for dry skin types. It leaves skin soft, hydrated and supple. This one comes in smaller size too. Do try out the smaller one first. I have emptied this – do not have the bottle right now.

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