Empties 2020 – Decluttering Part 1

Oh yes empties after ages! My last empties post was about August. Honestly, I had been collecting empties from really long time. I lost track and I wanted to keep some products for different posts hence I did not post this series. There are more empties than shown here but I need them for review and other posts so will post about those in next part. Also, I have used and thrown some products I don’t know why I did so 😣😏. I am super glad that I have reviewed everything shown below (clicked pics for klairs blue line – review will be up this week hopefully)! These are my empties.

Empties 2020 - Huge Decluttering
Empties 2020 – Huge Decluttering
  • Skincare Villa all 3 cleansers – read full review
  • Mamaearth Sunscreen – read full review
  • MelAura Strawberry face mask
  • Rustic Art Aloe gel – amazing – I have emptied countless jars
  • Pure Skin Blends Pure Magica – amazing
  • Blue Nectar Shubhr night cream – amazing
  • Green Beauty Blessings (earlier Moolit Beauty) Sunshine drops – amazing
  • Green Beauty Blessings Ubtan & mylk – pricey and too thick as per my liking
  • Soultree shower gel – amazing
  • Soultree lip balm – okaish
  • Klairs Midnight blue youth activating drop – reviews are up – finished midnight blue cream as well (forgot to include tube in pic) – amazing
  • Pure by Priyanka Sun kissed sunscreen – review is here
  • Greenie Mill Sea buckthorn gel moisturizer – good one but I don’t like its smell. Emptied other variant as well but can’t find it right now
  • Greenie Mill Hibiscus face mask – letting it go – dint suit my sensitive skin
  • Ocean in a drop Carnelian soap – review is here, emptied many other soaps too but they din’t have outer packaging πŸ˜‚
  • Wild Organica Home Aloe moist – amazing
  • Deyga Basil water – letting this go – just realized it foams a lot and does not settle even after hours
  • Wee Blends Hair oil – amazing, finished their hair mask too but I have thrown the packet
  • Svashudhi Coffee body scrub – amazing
Empties 2020 - Huge Decluttering
Empties 2020 – Huge Decluttering

Also, note the boxes I am letting go. I keep boxes till I finish reviews but honestly, I like designs on many boxes and I don’t have heart to let them go. It is a huge thing for me. I have a basket full of empty cardboard boxes. I hope to declutter them really soon. Wish me luck – I need to finish reviews and make some space 😡.

I am keeping all glass jars shown here. Mom wants ALL of them to store masalas and other things 😬.

Tell me, did you miss empties? I did miss posting and I will be back on monthly track once I finish all empties that I have collected.

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