Faith & Patience – Camel Milk Hair Care Products

Hey guys! I am up with the review of unique and super amazing hair care duo from Faith & Patience today. I have never come across any brand using camel milk in beauty industry. I have seen some people recommending camel milk to treat several diseases though. Camel milk is a very rare and unique ingredient.

Faith & Patience – Camel Milk Hair Care
Faith & Patience – Camel Milk Hair Care

About Faith & Patience

Okay first things first, I really love the cool and funky name of their shampoos and conditioners. Royal camel, minty camel, camel on trend, party camel, camel at gym, camel in Tahiti are some of the names of their shampoos and conditioners. How cool!

This brand is founded in Rajasthan by Richa Badhalia. This brand has been found to support the camel conservation project. I really love the thoughtfulness and compassion behind the brand. Currently, they have shampoos, conditioners and oil shots from hair care range as of now. I would love to see more from them. There are different shampoos and conditioners for different hair types/concerns. Their products are 100% natural and free from nasties. They use ethically sourced camel milk and their range is ph balanced.


Faith & Patience Royal Camel Shampoo & Camel in Tahiti ConditionerFaith & Patience Royal Camel Shampoo & Camel in Tahiti Conditioner
Faith & Patience Royal Camel Shampoo & Camel in Tahiti Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner both come in beautiful, sturdy plastic pump bottles. Necessary information is printed on the neck. There are outer boxes are colour coded containing all the information. Plus I received these boxes in brown boxes to prevent breakage. A small card having my name on it also came! These bottle packaging is very much identical to the Korean skincare brand NatureLab Tokyo.

Price – 1100 for shampoo & conditioner each for 340ml bottle

Availability – Website – or Insta page – faithandpatience_shop

My Hair Type

Normal scalp with super dry, frizzy, wavy and thin/fine strands. My hair tangle crazily because they are very fine.

Faith & Patience Royal Camel – Conditioning Shampoo

A multi- tasking nourishing shampoo that holds moisture in your hair for up to 72 hours, making your hair smoother, stronger and healthier from inside out.

Faith & Patience Royal Camel Shampoo & Camel in Tahiti Conditioner

Faith & Patience Camel in Tahiti – Deep Conditioner

Say hello to happy, healthy, & shiny hair with Tahitian conditioner. Tame your unmanageable hair into after-spa like behavior by using it post camel milk shampoo.

Texture & Smell

Royal camel shampoo is pink in colour, it is normal runny thick in consistency just like usual shampoos. It has vanilla fragrance but the smell of camel milk is also noticeable. The conditioner is thick runny – slightly thinner than usual conditioners. It is in off white colour and has sweet floral kind of fragrance. The smell of camel milk is noticeable in conditioner too but it is more prominent in the shampoo.

My Experience with Faith & Patience Royal Camel Shampoo & Camel in Tahiti Conditioner

I have been using this combo from 2-3 weeks now. I wash my hair twice a week. This duo is super nourishing and doesn’t weigh down my hair at all.

The Royal camel shampoo cleanses the scalp really nicely. I need about 3 pumps of shampoo for each usage – I have medium length hair. I have tried it on heavily and mildly oiled scalp. The shampoo is capable of removing every bit of oil/dirt nicely. It lathers nicely as well – slightly less than commercial shampoos. When I am done cleansing my hair, I felt my hair a bit dry but it just feels dry, hair is not dry actually. I realised when I used another shampoo with this conditioner. As the name says, the shampoo is indeed very conditioning and excellent for dry frizzy hair.

Faith & Patience Royal Camel Shampoo & Camel in Tahiti Conditioner
Faith & Patience Royal Camel Shampoo & Camel in Tahiti Conditioner

Camel in Tahiti conditioner is so amazing! I need about 3-4 pumps to cover all the strands. The slip is so good. I divide my hair in two sections and apply about 1-1.5 pumps of conditioner on both sections and 1 pump on ends – they need more nourishment. I keep it for about 2-3 mins while I scrub my body. That’s the maximum time I can keep the conditioner. Upon washing off, my hair feels super silky and soft. This conditioner deeply conditions my hair without weighing down.

I have found the right set of shampoo and conditioner with Faith & Patience. This deep conditioning duo is BOMB I tell you guys. Products are expensive but they are so worth. I get super soft, silky, frizz free and manageable hair with each usage. The effect lasts till I wash my hair – it is not silicon or that sort of artificial effect but the real effect. Also because of deep conditioning, my hair look straighter and I freaking love the effects. Do check this brand guys, they have something for everyone. They are very active on insta/whatsapp do check with them if you have any concerns. I can’t recommend their products enough. This camel milk hair care range is BOMB! This is the best hair care range I have ever used and I am not extragatting at all.


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