Foot Pampering Routine with Nature Bathing Products

We often neglect pampering our feet until they crack up and cry for the much needed pampering. Reviewing two products from the brand Nature Bathing that will give you a spa like experience at home! I am not kidding it, read my experience with Nature Bathing Foot Soak and Foot Scrub!

About Nature Bathing

Nature Bathing comes from Japanese term Shinrin-yoku means taking in the forest atmosphere to relax, chill in the lap of nature and calm the senses. The brand has thoughtful range of skincare, haircare and bodycare products that are handmade using with low energy production. They use food grade high quality ingredients and the products are free from animal texting, silicones, paraben, SLS and all kind of nasties.

I was delighted to know that the brand donates every 5% of income to human and nature preserving welfares. Philosophy, ethics and goals of this brand are very touching. They use recyclable packaging only.

Nature Bathing Foot Soak & Foot Scrub Review
Nature Bathing Foot Soak & Foot Scrub

Product Description

Foot Soak

A boon for tired body & achy feet, our mineral-rich bath salts loaded with therapeutic essential oils are sure to relax your body & uplift your mood. Anti-fungal and bacteria fighting properties of this unique foot soak are ideal to fight against athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, foot odor itching and more. Perfect for an overall deep clean that helps prevent future infections.

Foot Scrub

Pamper your feet with a relaxing & energizing Pedicure while enjoying the fresh fragrance of pure Orange Essential Oil as Sugar & Epsom Salt exfoliate and soften the skin. Rich in Magnesium & other beneficial minerals, Epsom Salt soothes achy feet and softens rough skin. Orange essential oil and orange peel powder are rich in both citric acid and Vitamin C to aid skin exfoliation and fight free radicals for a younger skin. Natural oils in Oranges moisturize the skin providing softer and healthier skin for longer. Honey is a great moisturizer and is very good for dry feet. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties keep the feet fresh and soft for long.

Nature Bathing Foot Soak & Foot Scrub Review
Nature Bathing Foot Soak & Foot Scrub Texture

Texture and Aroma

Both of these products smell oh so amazing. You will have a spa experience at home. I am not kidding guys. Foot soak has very calming and relaxing aroma. It smells like sweet orange + sweet floral aroma. Foot scrub oh gosh it legit smells like fresh orange jam because of sugar and sweet orange. I literally feel like eating. The mesmerizing aroma itself calms and relaxes all your senses.

How to Use?

Foot Soak

  • Full Body Soak- Pour two or more table spoons of our bath salts into a half filled bath tub containing comfortably warm water. Mix well before filling enough warm water so that it doesn’t spill out once you enter the tub. Soak in the tub for at least ten minutes. Continue to soak as long as you please before draining the tub. Pat dry once you finish.
  • Foot Soak- Fill a large enough tub to its three quarters capacity with comfortably warm water. Add a table spoon or more of our mineral-rich bath salt and stir well. Soak your feet for ten minutes or more. Pat dry once you finish.

Foot Scrub

  • Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes (add our Floral Foot Soak to warm water for maximum benefit) .
  • Using a clean and dry spoon, scoop out a small amount into a bowl.
  • Add some Rose Water or Filtered Water enough to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste all over your feet with your fingers and massage gently in wide, circular strokes concentrating on dry & rough areas between toes and on heels.
  • Rinse off gently with lukewarm water.
  • Pat dry.
  • Moisturise to lock in moisture.
  • Use once or twice a week!

Ingredients of Nature Bathing Foot Soak

Ingredients of Nature Bathing Foot Soak
Ingredients of Nature Bathing Foot Soak

Ingredients of Nature Bathing Foot Scrub

Ingredients of Nature Bathing Foot Scrub
Ingredients of Nature Bathing Foot Scrub

My Experience with Nature Bathing Foot Care Products

I usually use foot soak and foot scrub in same routine at night.

Nature Bathing Foot Soak

I take 1-2 spoons of foot soak and add it in warm water. As soon as I add it, my entire bathroom fills up with fascinating aroma and it feels so good. I soak my feet for about 10 minutes and I feel so calmed so relaxed. It is indeed a pampering treat to the self. I usually do it to uplift myself whenever I am tired or stressed. Warm water releases the aroma of this foot soak and I feel so good with the calming aroma.

Nature Bathing Foot Scrub

This foot scrub is so amazing, the sugar particles are not at all harsh but evenly sized and perfect for foot as well as for body. I take some amount of the scrub and add some water to make paste, I then apply it on damp skin and massage lightly in circular motions for about 2-3 minutes. Salts and sugar melt in some moments but the tiny particles of orange peel powder and walnut shell remain so one can scrub even after the salt and sugar melt away. The scrub does not leave skin dry or stretchy but it leaves skin nourished due to honey, sugar, coconut oil and kokum butter which is the most amazing part. After massaging, I keep the scrub for about 2 minutes and then rinse off.

Post rinsing, my skin feels instantly soft, smooth and polished – due to sugar and honey. This scrub buffs away the dead skin cells and nourishes the skin very effectively. I use this scrub on body as well and I have noticed reduction in tan to some extent after continuous usage. I use a light cream to lock in the moisturizer these days, I use heavy duty foot creams in winter.


I really love the good quality packaging of this newly launched brand. They stuffed used bubble wraps and newspaper. Foot soak is housed in plastic jar with inner lid and golden screw cap and foot scrub is in glass jar with inner lid and golden screw cap. Usage instructions and ingredient list are printed on labels.


Foot scrub is priced at 295 INR for 45g and Foot soak is priced at 530 INR for 75g


Can be purchased from brand’s website


Nature bathing brand has a wide range of products. They use high quality potent ingredients and I am amazed by the quality. I would highly highly recommend checking this brand. I have been enjoying all the products from this brand. If you are looking for good foot soak cum bath salt and foot scrub, you should definitely check these products. I find these amazing and reasonably priced. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

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