My Happy Mailbox – July 2019

My Happy Mailbox July 2019

Thrilled to announce that I am starting another monthly series on the blog. Any purchase or gift makes you super happy right? So I named it My Happy Mailbox! This series is highly inspired by my friends Sonali – and Archana – From this month, I am going to share whatever I purchase or receive in a particular month collectively.

This blog exists because readers like you appreciate it and hence you deserve to see what exactly I am using. I would like to keep it 100% transparent.

I have never done the collective mailbox post as I have purchased very less products this year. I am focusing on declutterring my current stash before purchasing anything new. I have purchased only the products that I needed, not got tempted to any sales by stocking anything extra. So my purchases were very limited like one or two per month. I am already running out of the proper eye care products but I will wait as there will be sale. Things I make sure to restock before running out are moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm and vitamin C based serum – these are crucial steps in my routine and I don’t skip them even for a day. I can live without toners, scrubs, AHA-BHA treatments and even face washes. I always share whatever I buy on my insta stories – it’s saved inside Unboxing and PR folders.


Monsoon season has officially begun here in India and so unlike every season change my skin goes through trauma. Weather changing period is crucial and I have to pay extra attention to changing the skincare routine. My skin type is combination – slightly towards dry side but during monsoons, it becomes oily. It also depends upon how my day is going to be. AC at work is unavoidable, if I have to sit entirely in AC environment, I choose more hydrating and rich in moisturizing products no matter what the season is. AC literally drinks moisture from body which directly affects on skin and hair. Even in summers, my skin cries for hydration and cheeks become flaky – peeling.

I purchased two products from Soultree for this season.

Soultree Nutgrass Face Wash with Neem & Soothing Chamomile

Soultree Moisturizing Gel - Tulsi & Sandalwood

Soultree Nutgrass Face Wash with Neem & Soothing Chamomile

As I stated above my skin becomes oily and I had no face wash for PM routine, so I picked this up. It is a nice gel based cleanser. It takes off the residue from first cleansing without drying out the skin. I use it as the sole cleanser on cheat days – thanks to tiring days and it works well.

Price – 375 INR | 120ml bottle

Availability – Soultree’s store or amazon

Soultree Moisturizing Gel – Tulsi & Sandalwood

My day time moisturizer was about to finish and I had to pick up a light gel which gives enough hydration. My friend Sonali from suggested me this moisturizing gel and I grabbed it. It is really amazing, doesn’t make skin oily or dry, loving it so far. I will review it after using for a few weeks.

Price – 450 INR | 40ml bottle

Availability – Soultree’s store or amazon

Contest Prize

I won a contest on Instagram by Bare Anatomy and won 3 hair care products – shampoo, conditioner and serum. Thank you Bare Anatomy for this generous gift.

About Bare Anatomy

It is an India based newly launched brand. They provide personalized hair care products. Each product is crafted post analysing individual data which is just amazing. 

Bare Anatomy Hair care

They ship products to India currently. Their formulas are free from harsh chemicals and cruelty. Also, the shelf life of products is 6 months from date of manufacturing.

You can fill up the questionnaire for personal customization and purchase the products from their website.

First Impressions

I have been using these products lately and enjoying so far. I am blown away by the conditioner. It is definitely a BOMB product. My hair strands are extremely thin that’s the reason they get tangled very easily. Even after detangling hair entirely, if I pass the comb though my hair, I find some tangles for sure – not kidding. From the day I used this conditioner, it has made my hair so much manageable. This is unbelievable, no other product till date has given me such tangle free hair.


Shampoo – 749 INR | 300ml

Conditioner – 849 INR | 300ml

Hair Serum – 949 INR | 100ml

PR Gift

Rabab, founder at Zofla sent me a package containing a face pack and rose water. I am super happy to receive this.

Zofla Herbal Face Pack
Zofla Rose Water

Zofla Herbal Face Pack

I love the face pack as it is not drying in spite of having ingredients like gram flour, plus being a oats based pack it spreads very easily – if you have ever used oats based masks, you would be knowing how difficult it is to spread the mask. It leaves skin hydrated and deeply cleansed. A perfect mask for normal to very oily skin types. I will review it after a couple of weeks.

Price – 240 INR | 100gm glass jar

Availability – Zofla’s online store or amazon

Zofla Rose Water

Absolutely love this rose water. It is very nice and refreshing.

I have reviewed Zofla Rose Water and other aromatic waters here.

Price – 190 INR | 100ml spray bottle

Availability – Zofla’s online store or amazon

Having shown this, I would love to know your mailbox edition too! Leave in comments below what you received recently!

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