Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask

I had been eyeing this mask ever since it was launched. The main attraction is the star ingredient Kakadu plum! This mask is enriched with some of the finest ingredients to target depigmentation and the boost of vitmin C. Since I am suffering from pigmentation and uneven skin tone, I fall for anything and everything that features vitamin C, skin brightening, depigmentation….. I am posting this review after using it for one and half months.

Few words about Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is India’s first ever skincare brand earning ECOCERT in accordance with COSMOS V3 standard. They have cleared the stringent tests which they share every now and then through instagram stories and posts. I feel so happy to see those precious moments. JC ensures to provide the best quality without any kind of adulteration. They are not hesitant to import ingredients from the origin place across the world.

Product Description

This hydrating mask is made with precious Kakadu Plum from Australia, which has been identified worldwide as the single natural food source with the highest vitamin C content on the planet and virtuous Matcha. It is made with a blend of powerful, antioxidant rich fruit powders and vitamin c rich essential oils to combat signs of ageing, fade dark spots and scars, leaving skin supple and nourished. Enhancing skin elasticity and battling pigmentation, blemishes & acne scars, this mask promotes even – toned brighter looking complexion.

Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask Review

The Goodness

Kakadu plum is the only natural food source with highest vitamin C content on planet. I haven’t seen any Indian brand using kakadu plum till now.

Along with kakadu plum which is sourced from Australia, this mask has got some jam packed antioxidant ingredients like green tea matcha, licorice, hibiscus – the botox plant, rose, orange peel powder, amla powder and a lot more. Majority of the ingredients are chosen to provide intense brightness.

Matcha tea is not just a detoxifier, but it also calms down and brightens up the skin. I have used plain matcha in my DIY face cleanser and DIY mask too. I reach out to matcha whenever my skin needs rescue. I swear by it. It is pricey but totally worth it.

Bentonite Clay is very helpful in drawing out the impurities and toxins from skin. The best part of this clay is the balanced hydration. Being clay, it does not dry out the skin. It also helps in shrinking pores.

Licorice is famous ingredient knwn to lighten dark spots, sun tan and even out the skin ton. It has been used from ages in ancient ayurvedic masks. It also plays a great role in regenerating elastin and collagen which in turn result into firm the skin.

Grapefruit Essential Oil has astringent properties which in turn control sebum production and keeps pores refined.

Lemon Essential Oil contains high percentage of vitamin C which helps in brightening skin and reducing dark spots. It also keeps skin healthy and young,

Blood Orange Essential Oil is an anti aging ingredient. It boosts production of collagen, improves blood flow, increases the ability to absorb vitamin C and keeps skin clear. Additionally, smells oh so amazing!

Bergamot Essential Oil unclogs pores and adds beautiful aroma!

Hibiscus Powder – hibiscus the natural BOTOX plant – helps rejuvenate the cell turn over process faster. It contains the natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

Rose Powder brightens calms and hydrates skin. Roses are widely used in skincare.

Orange Peel Powder is very helpful in removing sun tan and evening out the skin tone.

Illite Clay is highly absorbent. It is combination of iron oxides and decomposed plant matter. It is a great detoxifier and has high benefits for skin and hair.

Amla Powder the super food for both internal and external is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Amla is widely used in Indian cuisine as it has enormous benefits. It helps brightening skin and has anti aging properties.

JC never compromises with ingredients which is the greatest reason why I love this brand. Dear JC, I can’t thank you enough for curating this magical mask.


This is my first blog post after JC’s revamped packaging. JS has replaced plastic containers with dark glass jars and has announced return rewards too. Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask is packed in dark glass jar with plastic screw cap. Inner lid is given for protection and a beautiful outer box is given. I love this new packaging and even the outer box. JC sends cute wooden spoon to scoop out the product. Such a thoughtful packaging! This is seriously an international standard.

Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask Review

Texture and Aroma

Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask is in dry powder form having very mild grainy texture and it has uplifting citrusy kind of aroma. It is very herbal, some might not like it. There are very tiny red particles visible in the mask, those are of dried hibiscus powder! The mask has olive green color and JC has used matcha green tea very generously I must say. The mask is very concentrated, please use ample amount of liquid like herbal hydrosols or curd to make a paste.

How to Use?

I take pea sized amount and use floral hydrosol to activate the dry mask. I make a thin paste as the mask is very much potent. I apply it evenly on my entire face and neck leaving eye area and lips and keep it for about 10-15 minutes. I spritz the mist in between so that the mask doesn’t get completely dry. I massage my skin a bit with water while washing. JC advices the mask to be used twice a week at max as the hibiscus has natural exfoliation (AHA) properties and kakadu plum too is highly concentrated.

My Experience with Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask

I always use a hydrosol to make a thin paste with this mask. When I applied it for the first time, the mask did give me tingling sensation and I was quite sceptical of getting redness and bumps having sensitive skin. But to my great surprise, I had no redness no irritation upon washing it. I was left with a beautiful glow and cleansed skin.

Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask Review

Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask doesn’t dry out the skin but leaves skin hydrated. I am super happy with the results. I do face slight tingling initially but it is quite comfortable. My skin has adapted this mask completely. Needless to say, I fell in love right from the first usage 😍.

I get cleansed, hydrated, soft and even toned skin with each usage and I just can’t stop vouching this wonderful face mask. It does lighten the pigmentation with prolonged usage.


  • Patch test is recommended as some ingredients might not suit to everyone
  • Don’t overuse this mask – it needs to be used only twice a week at max
  • Do not use any phisycal/chemical exfoliant in the same routine as the mask is potent and has hibiscus which is natural AHA
  • Not to be used on sacrificed skin

Price and Availability

975 for 20g, can be purchased from website or app of Juicy Chemistry, offline stores and other portals.

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Shelf Life

All JC products have 6 months from the date of manufacturing since they use only natural ingredients without any kind of preservatives.


Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum, Matcha & Blood Orange Face Mask is undoubtedly one of the best masks to brighten up your skin and give much needed dose of vitamin C. The mask may sound pricey but trust me it lasts long as you need very little quantity. This face mask brightens up the skin and evens out the skin tone. It is like a detoxifying and brightening treatment. It gives better results with prolonged usage. I can’t recommend this face mask enough! Even if you don’t have any skin issues, this will help in brightening and giving healthy glow to skin. I think we all need it right?

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