Juicy Chemistry 100% Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water – Toning Mist For Acne Control

Hello, I am reviewing Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water by my favourite Juicy Chemistry today. Since I get breakouts every now and then and the weather has taken a toll, I thought to try out this acne control mist. I am posting review after using it for straight 20 days. Let’s see how it is working!

Product Description

The anti bacterial toning mist enriched with tea tree hydrosol and antiseptic holy basil prevents acne along with rejuvenating skin. Cooling aloe provides hydration and lemon helps in lightening blemishes.

Juicy Chemistry Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water

The Goodness

Juicy Chemistry Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water tonic mist is jam packed with pure 7 hydrosols and nothing else. The goodness of tea tree, neem, rosemary and basil keeps skin bacteria free. Lavender and aloe give coolness to skin and lemon helps lightening scars.

Tea Tree is highly effective in healing and preventing acne from spreading. JC imports tea tree from the origin Australia.

Holy Basil is anti inflammatory and antiseptic. It has been used widely in India in topical medicines as well as in various recipes.

Lemon has properties to brighten skin and fade spots or scars.

Lavender not only calms the skin but also acts as a mild antiseptic and disinfectant.

Aloe not only cools down the skin but also tones skin. It does help in calming the redness. Aloe is widely used in skincare.

Neem has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which helps heal almost any skin issue.

Anti septic and anti bacterial properties of Rosemary helps calm skin irritations.


This mist is packed in blue glass bottle with plastic spray dispenser and the cap for protection. A beautiful cardboard box is given for protection. Further, JC adds paper shreds for security. And this box is sealed with paper tape, truly thoughtful packaging. On the paper box, all the details and usage instructions are mentioned. In the front, beautiful lavender flowers are printed. JC got hand designs of these beautiful details from a designer as they want to give HANDMADE touch to every single thing. JC is breaking its own barrier with such creative ideas 🥰!

Juicy Chemistry Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water

Consistency and Aroma

Juicy Chemistry Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water is nothing but the amazing concoction of 7 different high quality hydrosols. It is basically steam distilled water with very soothing and herbal aroma. The toner has prominent aroma of tea tree and basil with little hints of lavender.

How to Use?

I spray generous amount of this toner on cleansed damp face and pat it for about a minute in both AM and PM routines. I also spritz it on face whenever I feel itching or irritation.

My Experience with Juicy Chemistry Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water

I started using Juicy Chemistry Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water in AM and PM routines as soon as I received. When I sprayed this mist for the first time, it stung slightly due to tea tree and basil. After 2-3 usages, my skin completely adapted it.

Later on, when I used chemical exfoliant (the ordinary peeling solution) and followed with this toner, it did sting me quite a bit. I immediately sprayed aloe liquid to calm down my skin. And that’s it. It never stung me again. My skin has adapted it.

With continuous usage of Juicy Chemistry Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water, my skin has become clearer. Tiny zits dry up faster and overall oiliness on my face is controlled. The best part is that this toner doesn’t dry up the skin. However, if you have dry skin, you should follow up with hydrating serum. I also spray this mist whenever skin feels itchy and it does calm down the irritation with continued usage.

In crux, Juicy Chemistry Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water WORKS. I absolutely love it.


I am a chronic acne sufferer (hormonal) and my skin is healed by lots of lifestyle changes along with ayurvedic medicines. I won’t say, grab this mist and say bye bye to acne. NO – it won’t happen. In fact world’s best skincare products won’t work. Tell me, if your gut or liver is weak, you can’t control and indulge junk every single day and depend on just skincare to fix your acne. How is it going to work? This mist definitely works but you need to figure out what is causing acne to your skin and fix it.

Price and Availability

850 for 110ml glass bottle, can be purchased from website or app of Juicy Chemistry, offline stores and other portals.

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Juicy Chemistry Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water

Shelf Life

6 months from the date of manufacturing


If you have oily acne prone skin, you should definitely try out Juicy Chemistry Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water. It will help you in excess oil secretion along with keeping skin bacteria free. If you have dry skin, I would advise you to follow up with hyaluronic acid serum so that the skin doesn’t dry out. This is suitable to all skin types and truly a blessing for acne prone skin. I would highly recommend this toner to acne prone or skin having inflammation as tea tree, rosemary, lavender, basil, neem and aloe are extremely good for problematic skin.

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