Simple tips to make most of the face MASK

I am going to share some of the face masking tips and tricks based on my experience. These are simple tricks that would give you proper utilization of the face mask.

1. Relax, relax and relax

When our mind is free from stress and comforted, not just a face pack but anything that you want to gain benefit from would work miraculously. Most of people apply a face mask and finish pending chores or scroll through mobile. But instead of doing so, if you simply lie down and relax, have a quick nap or listen to soothing music, the face pack will do wonders. Take my words, this is the best skincare tip I have ever tried. It might not be possible to follow this tip each time but try to incorporate as much as possible. Choose the timing where you will be distracted least.

2. Don’t forget neck

It is most likely to apply mask on face only neglecting neck. But then, don’t be surprised to see uneven skin tone on your face and neck. It is extremely important to take care of neck as well along with the face.

3. Pamper your eyes

Our eyes deserve the same attention that the face gains each day. When you apply a face mask, it is easy to apply cotton pads saturated in rose/lavender/cucumber/coffee water or milk or anything of your choice. Trust me it is not only easy but very soothing and relaxing to. I try to mask eyes with cotton pads saturated with rose hydrosol at least once a week.

4. Use hydrosols

In case of powder based masks, always prefer floral hydrosols over plain water. As you will be keeping the mask on face for quite a few minutes, let the goodness of hydrosols do wonders. If you are running out of hydrosols, use filtered drinking water but not tap water.

5. Timing

It is really important to not keep the face mask for too long time. Read the label of your mask and follow the timing instructed. Leaving it for too long will absorb moisture from your skin and leave your skin dry, dehydrated. In case of wash off masks, you can spritz floral hydrosol or facial mist at intervals to prevent mask from completely drying up.

6. Multi masking

Skin of the entire face might not be same for everyone and so does the skin concerns are. You can use different masks for different skin areas like hydrating for cheeks, clay based for t-zone and so on. Just mix match and enjoy.

7. Consistency

Needless to say that consistency of applying face mask is crucial. I like to alternate between clarifying, hydrating, calming, brightening masks depending on skin condition. Try to apply mask whenever needed. I usually apply 2-3 times a week.

8. Cleanliness

Always cleanse your face and hands properly before applying any mask. If the skin is not clean, whatever you apply afterwards will not get penetrated into skin but will be piled up. It is sheer wastage of the mask and your time. It is also important to scoop out the mask from jar using a spatula instead of digging your fingers.

9. Prepping skin

If you exfoliate skin before applying mask (and after cleansing), you are giving a really nice clean canvas to the mask. All the goodness of the mask will be absorbed properly.

10. Follow up

Don’t forget to finish the rest of your skincare routing after removing the mask. Always follow with toner, serum (skip toner and serum in case of sheet masks) and moisturiser.

11. Quantity

Use as much amount as it is required. Read the instructions of the mask carefully before applying. Some masks may require a thick layer but some would do wonders with a thin layer. In case of sheet masks, you can use the left over serum on your dry body areas like neck, knees and elbows.

12. Choose face mask as per your skin type

It is pointless to use a face mask which is not meant for your skin type. In case of readymade face masks, choose the mask as per your skin type. In case of DIYs, choose ingredients that are working and meant for your skin type.

I hope these tips were helpful to you. If anything helped you or you want to share any other tip, let me know in the comments below.

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