Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen – Is this best Indian Mineral Sunscreen?

I am reviewing this broad spectrum sunscreen by Mamaearth after using it in all weather conditions. Fun fact – Mamaearth launched gel sunscreen today itself and I so want to try it now!

Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen
Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen

About Mamaearth

Mamaearth is Asia’s first Made Safe certified brand. They have a good range of products without nasties for babies, men and women. Mamaearth recycles more plastic than it uses.

Description & Brand Claims

Be fearless when you go out in the sun with Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen. Power-packed with Carrot Seed Oil, Turmeric, and Orange Oil – it has SPF 50 with PA+++ protection to help safeguard your skin even in the harshest Indian summers.

Formulated with natural ingredients for Indian skin and weather, Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen prevents UVA & UVB damage for up to 6 hours. Super lightweight, it doesn’t dry out or leave patches, keeping your skin moisturized & protected for an extended period. It protects against the sun, reduces tan, and keeps your skin glowing without making it oily or greasy!

Suitable for all skin types, Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen is free of Silicones, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, and artificial colors.

Ingredient Goodness

This sunscreen contains 4 ingredients to titanium dioxide, parsol MCX, avobenzone and octocrylene that provide UVA and UVB protection. Apart from that there are great ingredients like carrot seed oil and turmeric. Carrot seed oil is claimed to provide sun protection but there is controversy too on this. I like the inclusion of turmeric though.

Ingredient List

Ingredients of Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen
Ingredients of Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen


Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen comes in a flip top flat plastic tube. Outer cardboard box is provided and all the details plus full ingredient list are mentioned on back of tube as well as on cardboard box. There are prints of carrot, turmeric and the Sun on packaging which give a pleasant look.

Texture & Fragrance

This sunscreen has no added fragrance. It has very mild hints of orange essential oil which is not at all overpowering. The smell fades in few minutes. The sunscreen has creamy soft off white texture.

Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen
Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen

My Experience with Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen

I have emptied 2 tubes of this sunscreen and I had a mini tube prior. I have used it in all weather conditions before penning down my review. As we all know, sunscreen is mandatory in daytime routine. I apply this after moisturizing step. It settles down easily on slightly damp – freshly moisturized skin. Otherwise, it balls up.

Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen is slightly nourishing. If you have oily skin type, please skip moisturizer. This will be enough for you. I notice my t-zone becomes oily after this sunscreen. So, I moisturize my skin leaving t-zone so that I don’t face oiliness. It gives semi dewy finish that I really like. I don’t like flat matte sunscreens at all.

The sunscreen leaves no white caste if it is settled properly. However, it balls up easily if you rub it a lot. Reapplication is a bit tricky. I usually use any face mist to slightly dampen face for smoother reapplication. Best way to apply any sunscreen is to dot it on face and dab it. Leave it for sometime and the white caste will be settled.

Does Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen Live Upto All Claims?

This sunscreen does not provide any glow or reduction in tanning. I do not expect it but these claims are not true.

Price, Availability & Shelf Life

499 for 80g tube, available on website of mamaearth, amazon, nykaa and all major shopping portals. It has shelf life of 24 months.

You can grab this from Vanity Wagon at 20% discount using code PEPILIO!


  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Mineral sunscreen
  • Affordable
  • Nice sunscreen for dry to normal skin types


  • Heavy for oily skin types
  • Balls up easily
  • Texture is not so great
  • Reapplication is a bit tricky


Mamaearth Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen is mineral as known as a physical one with SPF 50 PA+++ rating. It is very affordable if you see other sunscreens. It is slightly nourishing and suitable to all skin types. It balls up easily but a good affordable sunscreen for sure. Mamaearth has a mini tube as well. You can get it and test it out before investing into full size.

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