Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume Review

Hola guys! If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with perfumes. It was a time when I was many perfumes, I have controlled not to buy a lot in one go and I really hope I keep doing this. I like wearing different fragrances everyday and one or two fragrances are not enough for me and perfumes last really long, it is very difficult to finish up them. I picked this from physical store of Nykaa from Ahmedabad One mall – I really miss visiting this mall. And my dear friend Savita from myvibe sent me this along with other things! I absolutely love this perfume.

Product Description

“Sweet Morning Scent”

Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume Review
Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume

‘Matin’ or morning, in French is a fragrance that will brighten your day as it reveals its fresh and crisp notes of Magnolia and Rose. With a hint of Bergamot to excite and a woody tapering of Musk to soften, it’s the right accessory to have any day, everyday.

Price: 249 for 16ml mini, 1800 for 100ml full size. They are often on discount upto 25%.

Availability: Nykaa


Nyjaa Moi Matin Review
Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume

Nykaa Moi Matin mini perfume comes in slick glass bottle. It has golden cap and golden letters printed. I love the minimal and simple packaging. Outer box has cool green butterflies and leaves depicting the scent. Full size scent has similar butterflies on the bottle.


Nykaa Moi Matin Perfume Review
Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume


Moi by Nykaa Matin EDT lasts for about 6-7 hours on me which is really great.

My Experience with Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume

This is a very beautiful day time perfume. It has very fresh kind of scent. It feels to me like I am roaming in a serene green surrounding with chirping of birds and so many white flowers around. The scent is not at all overpowering or very citrusy. As I said, it is very fresh fragrance. Sweet morning scent is rightly claimed! Moi by Nykaa has a great range of perfumes. You should definitely check out if you like perfumes. I am so glad that they have mini variants. Minis are super cute and travel friendly.

Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume Review
Moi by Nykaa Matin Eau de Perfume


Moi by Nykaa has an amazing range of EDTs. They have minis of all variants as well. There are total 8 fragrances as of now. Masaba by Nykaa perfumes are recently launched with 6 perfumes. I will pick other variants of Moi soon! You should definitely try these cruelty free perfumes!

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