My Dry Skin Story with Product Reviews & Discount Codes

If you know me from long time you already know that I have combination skin type. In this post, I am talking about a phase of my life where my skin went sahara dry peeling even in monsoon where the moisture level was super up. I was suffering from all of a sudden huge cysts on face then. So, why did it happen suddenly?

Causes of My Dry Skin

Once you know cause of any condition, it becomes much easier to tackle it.

Dry Skin Story - Causes

Cause 1 – AC

I have been working professionally from years. I used to sit whole day in AC environment (at least 9 hours/ 5 days a week) even in winters which eventually made my skin super dry and peeling. I have never been in constant AC environment before I started working. This did not happen overnight or over days but over years. AC at workplace is unavoidable – irrespective of the weather.

I am currently not working whole day in AC environment. If AC is unavoidable at your place, pls ask your HR team to shift your place to a bit distant from direct AC flow.

Cause 2 – Overdose of Water

As my skin started feeling dry and dehydrated even in monsoon, I thought that I was not drinking enough water. I increased water intake and it was my biggest mistake. My usual water intake is around 2.5-3 liters including water and other fluids. I went slowly but forcefully to 4 and then to 5 liters within a week. This disturbed my system badly. Slowly, my skin turned extremely dry peeling and irritated. I was all time thirsty and I used to visit restroom almost every hour which is not normal. Usually a normal person pees 7-8 times a day (explained by my doctor).

You will find lots of information on internet and people around you telling you need to drink 8-10-12-15-18 glasses of water. It is not the same for everyone. Each body is different and it should be treated differently. Always listen to what your body says and drink water accordingly. Colour of your pee should be pale yellow. Mine was clear when I was overly drinking.

Sipping water slowly in little amount multiple times over chugging full glass of water is the right way of drinking water that I have learnt through this phase.

Cause 3 – Hormonal Imbalance

There were many factors that created hormonal imbalance over years. Disturbed sleep cycle, stress, negativity, healthy food with unhealthy timings and mental health etc. I got it cured by fixing lifestyle changes and medication.

Skincare Tips to Tackle Dryness

I learnt these with my experience. All tips with * are suggested by aesthetician @thecontentlounge.

Dry Skin Story - Skincare tips
Skincare tips

Non foaming cleansers *

This is a life saviour tip. Unfortunately, there are very rare non foaming/non stripping cleansers available in India. Almost every foaming cleanser I had was leaving my skin sahara dry. I had already spent my thousands of bucks on skincare and I dint want to get disappointed again. So, I made DIY powder cleanser with oats, almond, roses – recipe is shared on blog.

Famous Korean 10 sec Rule

As per this rule, you are supposed to start your skincare within 10 secs after shower. Since, I air dry my face, I do this religiously. Do give this a try, you will be shocked to see results. Earlier, I used to do skincare after 10-15 mins but after following this rule – I am just hooked to it. Unfortunately, this rule is not as famous as the 60sec cleansing rule but this one too is life changing. Do give this a shot and you won’t regret that’s my promise.

Hyaluronic Acid *

HA is my best friend! Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant – it can hold upto 1000 times its weight in water. In simple term – HA works like a sponge. Apply HA on damp skin and seal with a rich moisturizer – it works like a charm to retain moisture in skin. If you live in very dry area, HA serums won’t work. That will draw the moisture from deeper layer of skin instead.

Hydrating Mists *

Spritzing mists at intervals can help a lot. I used rose water but there are many hydrating mists available for this concern enriched with glycerine and other humectants. Innisfree has really good collection of such mists.


Squalane If your skin can take up squalane – it is your best friend. Squalane is an excellent emollient. I used to apply 1 drop of if before applying sunscreen and it worked excellent for my dry skin.


Ceramides are fats that are naturally found in topper layer of skin. Ceramides form a healthy layer on skin that retains moisture level in skin excellently.

Generic Tip

All steps in your skincare routine should be according to your skin. If you are facing dryness, not a single step should leave your skin stripping. We often end up using stripping cleansers or toners thinking that will use extra moisturizer but that’s not how things work. Use products accordingly and experience the difference that’s all!

Skincare Products that Worked for Me

Honestly, I struggled a lot to get deeply nourishing products that are non comedogenic and free from all sorts of fragrance/EOs as my skin was super sensitive back then. No offense to any brand but there is a huge lack of such products in India. I could have opted for drugstore/high end brands like cetaphil, sebamed, nutrogena, avene, clinique that focus on ingredients and they are suggested by dermats but I wanted to explore something from cruelty free brands and free from mineral derivatives. Again – my preference. I could hardly find anything from Indian brands and that was the time I relied upon beautiful simple brands like The Ordinary, Cosrx.

Also, there are rarely products for DRY Acne prone skin. If you look for non comedogenic stuff, it is always categorized as Oily Acne prone. What about Dry skin types? I felt so so bad seeing everything for oily acne prone skin types. I mean why do brands believe that only and only oily skin types are prone to acne and the rest are flawless??? No offense but hurting truth.

Dry Skin Story - Product recommendations
Product Recommendations

I am glad that Earth Rhythm has come up with new launches that are suitable to sensitive skin types and that are non comedogenic.

I tried and wasted money on lots of products that dint work or broke me out. Here is the list of products that worked well on me.

Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

This is a BOMB product for dry skin beauties. What a brilliant formulation! Super intensive moisturizing cream it is. If you use this, I bet you won’t use any other creams it is that good! No added fragrance, no nasties just a beautiful nourishing cream. It feels like a gel cream – not very buttery or creamy but it is actually very nourishing. Do give this a shot!

You can grab Cosrx products from Yesstyle at discounted rate – code PEPILIO

The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane

This is another amazing oil that I am hooked to. I don’t face a lot of dryness now but I can’t recommend this enough. If your skin can take oils, nothing better than this one. It is very reach and nourishing and more importantly it is plant based. Unfortunately, most of the squalanes available are made from shark but this one is NOT.

Dry Skin Story - Product recommendations
Product Recommendations

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Ahh The Ordinary – what a brilliant ormulation. This serum has my heart. When I used it for the first time, I woke up with super hydrated, soft plump face. I was jumping with a joy! Yes, this is a miraculous serum and everyone should try this out. It is a rich in hydrating skin. It leaves skin slightly sticky but I don’t mind seeing the results it delivers. This is a must have. It is pocket friendly too!

Neemli Day Cream

This is such a delightful rich cream that keeps moisture intact without leaving a greasy feel. I repurchased this one as I thought my skin has turned to dry but it turned to original (combination). It gave me breakouts so I use it on body. Team Neemli is very concerned; they contacted me and listened to my concerns. I told them that my t-zone getting red bumps when I apply this. They suggested me to use very tiny amount on those areas but unfortunately it dint work that way as well. No doubt, it is a brilliant formulation but it is not for normal to oily skin types. is Check the ingredients and get a sample size before investing into full size – it is expensive.

Neemli Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum

What a brilliant formulation by Neemli! This is a great serum which has both HA and vit c! It has beautiful gel consistency and it has worked amazingly on me. I have finished 3 bottles – do I need to say more? I might pick this again if I don’t find the right vit c serum. It is expensive but it works truly wonderful.

You can grab Neemli products from Vanity Wagon with 20% discount code PEPILIO

I hope this post was helpful. I am really sorry, I don’t have any picture of that time to show the condition – yes, I was feeling extremely bad for my skin and never clicked pics or deleted if any. I never thought my skin would o through this phase.

Disclaimer – I am not a healthcare/skincare professional, please consult a professional if you too are facing this all of a sudden. I am sharing what I have gone through if it could be helpful to anyone facing it. This is my personal journey and each product mentioned has thoroughly tried and tested by me.

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