Get Soft Hands ft. Nykaa Hand & Nail Crème – Rose & White Musk

I went to Ahmedabad One mall to shop clothes and other stuff. I love this mall a lot since you get all major brands at one place. It’s the largest one in Ahmedabad and parking your vehicle is always a headache over there, not kidding. This mall is always flooded on weekends and evenings. There is a Nykaa store over there and I went there to buy a mini perfume. I saw their hand creams for trial and tried one variant. I was not sure if it feels sticky afterwards so I dint buy at the moment. Later, when I left the mall, I found this cream got absorbed completely and there was no stickiness at all! So I decided to get it from online shop!

Nykaa Hand & Nail Crème - Rose & White Musk

Product Description

Unfold a bouquet of timeless roses blended with the woody, sensual scent of beautiful White Musk. This delicious blend is sure to transport you to rose garden, every time you get your hands on it!

Ingredient Goodness

Nykaa Hand & Nail Crème is enriched with bunch of emollients like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerine, Allantoin and much more along with nourishing oils of Avacado, Wheatgerm, Almond, Argan, Olive, Jojoba, Rice Bran!


Nykaa Hand & Nail Crème - Rose & White Musk

It is a sleek plastic tube just like all hand creams come with. It has beautiful silver and pink floral print on front and ingredient list along with other details on back. Hand creams are super friendly to carry!

My Experience

I apply hand creams every now and then since I have dry hands. My palms turn red and peeling if I don’t moisturize them well. At the same time, I hate bad smelling and sticky creams. As I said earlier, after trying a Nykaa hand cream at offline store, I decided to buy one online. I wasn’t sure how they all smell – since I love roses I thought to grab this. This one smells amazing and I am so happy I got this.

The cream smells more of musk and British roses which make a mesmerizing fragrance. Nykaa Hand Cream has buttery soft consistency which is very easy to spread. You need just pea sized amount. The cream takes few minutes to get absorbed completely. Once it gets absorbed, it feels non greasy which is GREAT. I apply this during day and night. After using this constantly for 2-3 days, I noticed no dryness or flakes on my palms and cuticles, it is intensely nourishing and non sticky.  Nykaa has a wide range of Hand & Nail Crèmes and I will definitely grab other variants in future.

Nykaa Hand & Nail Crème - Rose & White Musk

Price, Shelf Life and Availability

275 for 30ml tube, shelf life is 3 years which needs to be used in 2 years after opening. Available at online/offline Nykaa stores.


Needless to say, Nykaa has done a great job in providing good quality hand creams in mesmerizing variants. If you are looking for non greasy and nourishing hand creams, these hand creams are great and affordable too. They are cruelty free and free from paraben, SLS.

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