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About Ocean in a Drop

This is a unique indie brand that makes body care products infused with crystals.


Binaa Permar the owner of Ocean is basically a graphic designer. None of the conventional medicines helped in curing her anxiety issue which led her to alternative therapies and that’s when she got into hypnotherapy, crystals, reiki etc. And she has never looked back!

Binna had been making her own body butters from years as commercial ones weren’t enough for her skin. She thought to add crystals in body butters and soaps to give the energy to body right from morning. She truly believes in working on the physical body and the energy body both. And that’s how she started this brand. This brand has a wide variety of body care products. They have a sister brand where you can get crystals and rocks.

Ocean in a Drop - Crystal infused products
Ocean in a Drop – Crystal infused products

Chakra Boxes

They roll out chakra based unique subscription boxes each month where you get amazing full size body care products along with crystal based products (like bracelet or roller or crystal itself). If you are into crystals, just grab the box. You won’t be disappointed.

Coming to product reviews now. I am going to review their lip balm, body soap and body butter in this post.

Peppermint Lip Balm

This lip balm is very rich and heavy. When I sniff from the container, I don’t gel the aroma of peppermint but upon application I get beautiful aroma of peppermint!

Ocean in a Drop - Crystal infused products - Peppermint Lip Balm
Ocean in a Drop – Lip Balm

Packaging of Peppermint Lip Balm

It comes in a cute container, you have to dig finger to apply which is not a problem for me.

My Experience with Peppermint Lip Balm

This lip balm feels very cooling on lips due to peppermint. It heals cracked lips and seals in moisture really well. I have very dry lips and this lip balm is just perfect for very dry lips. It is a clear lip balm which leaves a healthy sheen and stays long on lips.

Carnelian Soap

This is the most gorgeous soap I have ever used. It has scent of fennel and it is embedded with Carnelian crystal tumble – WOW. My entire bathroom smells like a fennel heaven even after hours. Just have a look at the beautifully decorated top! I have no words to describe this beauty. Fennel scent is so unique – I am seeing this first time. I can’t even imagine that such pretty soaps could even exist! You won’t believe, I kept this soap for almost a week just to stare and sniff. I had no heart to use this.

Ocean in a Drop - Crystal infused products - Carnelian Soap
Ocean in a Drop – Carnelian Soap

Ingredient Goodness of Carnelian Soap

This soap has super nourishing oils and butters like saponified coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, kokum butter along with orange powder, fennel extract and fennel EO. This is a cold process soap free from artificial fragrance, artificial colorant, paraben, SLS, palm oil.

Packaging of Carnelian Soap

Ocean in a Drop soaps are packed in eco friendly aluminium tins. There is a screw lid on top. It is a very unique and eco friendly idea. It is easy to store the soap too.

My Experience with Carnelian Soap

This soap looks so PRETTY and smells so nice. It is scented with fennel EO and embedded with carnelian crystal tumble. Yes, you get a tumble out of soap once you finish it! The soap is intensely nourishing and rich. It lathers really well and cleanses skin nicely. It doesn’t melt as such and this bar will last you longer than you think. Aroma of fennel is so so refreshing, it leaves me and my bathroom smell amazing. Most amazing part is the crystal! I do feel its energy, I am not kidding. My first experience with crystals is because of this brand. There is something in these products that give you positive vibes and energy. It is because of crystals plus love and passion of formulator Binaa behind. This soap has worked beyond my expectations.

Tiger’s Eye Body Butter

This is a heavy duty body butter that nourishes skin deeply. It has very faint and pleasing scent which fades away after a while.

Ocean in a Drop - Crystal infused products
Ocean in a Drop – Tiger’s Eye Body Butter

Ingredient Goodness of Tiger’s Eye Body Butter

This deeply nourishing body butter is made up oils and butters like mango butter, virgin coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter and turmeric oil. The added extracts manjishta, fenugreek, papaya, aloe, cucumber, carrot seed and sandalwood make a wonderful concoction. It is also enrichriched with Tigers Eye crystal which is great to calm down and release senses.

Packaging of Tiger’s Eye Body Butter

I received this body butter in a beautiful copper tin. The packaging is changed to beautiful glass jar now.

Texture and Aroma of Tiger’s Eye Body Butter

Tiger’s Eye Body Butter looks so beautiful, smells sweet, soothing and calming. I cannot recognize the aroma. It smells freaking wonderful. The light scent is derived from botanical extracts which lingers on for quite some time. The texture is buttery fluffy whipped which melts with the touch of skin. I do feel the relaxing and calming effects because of Tigers Eye stone and soothing aroma.

My Experience with Tiger’s Eye Body Butter

My body skin is very dry and only rich body butters come into rescue. Having said that, I hate sticky body butters or lotions and I have zero patience to wait for something to get absorbed. I expect deep nourishment, no tacky finish and quick absorbing body care products. This body butter ticks off all points! Mango butter and apricot kernel oil – these ingredients are deeply nourishing at the same time they feel very light on skin. This body butter, feels light, absorbs quickly, smells so good and nourishes skin so well. And a little goes long way! This is exactly everything that I want and always look for.

Price and Availability

Peppermint Lip Balm – 200 INR

Carnelian Soap – 350 INR

Tiger’s Eye Body Butter – 650 INR

You can purchase these products from their website or drop a message to their insta handle –!

Code PEPILIO will avail you flat 10% discount on Soaps and Body Butters!


If you are into crystals or are fan of body products just grab products by Ocean in a Drop. They are of high quality and totally worth.

Lip Balm

If you are looking for a heavy lip balm for your very dry lips, this is the right one. It is affordable and very effective.


If you are looking for crystal infused, plant oils and butters based and topically decorated soaps, you have to grab these soaps. I purchased few soaps from her for family because I love this soap. Do I need to say more? Recommendation

Body Butters

If you have dry, flaky skin which needs deep nourishment without greasiness, you will love this butter. Plant based oils and butters will leave your skin smooth and nourished.

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