The Power of Powder Cleansers

Powder Cleanser

Powder cleansers and powder masks have been used from ages in India. I see global brands like cosrx, wishtrend coming up with powder cleansers nowadays. Many patients are advised to use mildly foaming medicated powder cleansers by dermatologists when skin goes through acne, psoriasis, eczema or any such issues. My grandma always used chick pea flour or wheat flour to cleanse her face, my mum too uses plain flour – ladies blessed with clear skin with no major issues without any fancy n-step skincare routine. Do you feel the same?

Let’s see why I switched to powder cleansers, in which ways I use them, DIY recipes and lot more in this post. I am bored with review posts so up with a different post today.

Why Powder Cleansers?

Let me talk about the skin condition that made me use powder cleanser.

Over a year back, I was suffering from severe acne. A lot of factors were associated – I will be doing the series on it soon. From then, my skin became very sensitive. Any face wash I used gave me very stretchy and dry skin which led to weakening of the skin barrier. My skin became extremely sensitive. I just couldn’t use anything with fragrance, essential oils or any foaming cleanser.

Moreover, it was peeling everyday due to excessive dryness and constant acne. You need something that would take away the dead skin gently without disturbing the moisture lever and barrier. And here comes the power of powder cleansers. Powder cleansers cleanse the skin very mildly without stripping off moisture. The extremely mild exfoliation takes away dead skin without causing micro tears in skin. Using harsh granules on skin might give you smooth skin but at the same time, it will cause micro tears in skin. Micro tears in long not only ruin the texture of the skin but also cause hyper pigmentation. So, always exfoliate very gently and carefully.

I was in touch with Shehnaz – aesthetician and she suggested me to replace foaming cleanser with oats powder. I saw oats water and powder being beneficial to sensitive skin so I made very tiny batch of oats powder. But alone oats dried my skin like anything so I searched for oats based cleansers. I found numerous recipes on internet and was very much confused. One of the results led me to Sonali’s blog – skincarevilla. I found the recipe over the blog very easy and effective. I tried it and it worked magically. I haven’t looked back since then. My first message to Sonali was thanking her and sending the picture of the plain oats almond cleanser.

This clearly shows how genuine, generous, helpful and trustworthy she is. Who would share the secret formulation otherwise? I am so so so grateful to you Shehnaz for guiding me and Sonali for sharing this life changing recipe and formulating the most amazing cleansers. I wish you much more success from the bottom of my heart.

Sonali runs the shop of powder cleansers and limited edition balm cleansers. Do check her page out to grab some amazing goodies. I am using her cleansers currently and totally loving it.


  • 3 in 1 – cleanser, mask and scrub
  • Very gentle to use
  • Balances moisture level
  • Lasts longer
  • Free from preservatives

DIY Recipe

The recipe is very simple, it won’t take more than 10 minute if the ingredients are ready.


  • 2 parts calming shed dried herbs – you can choose anything of your choice like rose petals, green tea matcha, lavender buds, chamomile etc but make sure it is soothing and doesn’t have any kind of natural AHA (exfoliating acid) as this should be very very gentle. If you choose anything with AHA, you may use it only once or twice a week not more.
  • 1 part almonds – gives adequate moisture to skin and almonds are very safe.
  • 1 part oats – there are varieties in choosing oats like old fashioned rolled oats, quick cooking, steel cut  I prefer quick oats as they form mushy paste and swell up faster. I found the paste formed from quick oats very soft.


Procedure is very simple – just grind the concoction very finely. I grind chopped almonds, herbs first and add quick oats, as quick oats do not take much time for fine powder.

Tada – the cleanser is ready!

You can change the proportions of almonds and oats as per your skin requirements. I add more almonds during winters and keep equal quantities on other days.

I made the very first batch using oats and almonds. Very soon I got bored so I divided the left powder in 2 parts, added rose petal powder in 1 part and matcha green tea in the other as these were the only failsafe herbs available at home. Apart from adding the benefits, these herbs give very beautiful colours to cleansers. I look for something naturally colourful and naturally fragrant in skincare – it attracts me and lifts up my mood.

Rose Cleanser

Rose Cleanser

I love using the rose cleanser any time. Concoction of the ingredients smell like rose milk which is my favourite. I found it calming and tad bit moisturizing.

Matcha Cleanser

Matcha Cleanser

I found this very gentle, soothing and soft. I use this whenever I feel my skin can’t take up anything, I use this cleanser. It brightens up the skin too.

Directions to Use

Step 1

Take pea sized amount of cleanser and activate it with your favourite liquid be it warm water, herbal hydrosol, aloe gel, curd, milk, anything of your choice. Add liquid drop by drop.

Step 2

Let it sit for 2-3 minutes. The oats will swell up and almonds will become very soft. You will get soft mushy paste to use.

Step 3

Use it as a mask, cleanser or exfoliant.

Multiple Uses

You can use powder cleansers to cleanse, exfoliate and mask your skin. How cool is it?

Cleanser – Apply the mushy paste on your face, massage it to cleanse as you do with normal cleansers and rise off.

Mask – Spread the mushy paste on cleansed damp skin. Let it sit for not more than 8-10 minutes and wash off. More tips on masking are here in detail.

Exfoliant – Apply mushy paste on your skin and massage in circular motions using your finger tips gently for not more than 2-3 minutes. Wash off afterwards.

Points to Remember

  • Do not use the DIY powder without properly soaking, the harsh particles will scratch away your skin.
  • Do not rub it rigorously on your skin.
  • You can use 1 full spoon powder and half cup of liquid and use the strained properly soaked extract to cleanse skin if it is too much inflamed.
  • Patch test first, you never know what will disturb the skin.
  • Store in air tight jar – preferably glass jar
  • Keep it away from moist place like bathroom
  • Formula is preservative free so always use clean spoon to scoop the powder
  • Do not let water enter it
  • Make small and fresh batches
  • Use within 4-6 months

I will experiment with other ingredients soon. I hope this post was helpful.

Have you tried powder cleanser yet? Which is your favourite?

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