Myoho Pure by Priyanka Foot Cream Review

Hello guys. I am reviewing foot cream by Pure by Priyanka today. We have discount code PEPILIO10 on the entire range! Winter is approaching and skin is getting dry slowly. It feels super hot during day time but skin needs nourishment. What’s the situation at your place these days?

Foot cream for craked heels
Foot cream for craked heels

About Pure by Priyanka

This brand is founded by a very passionate lady Priyanka Sarna. Her curiosity and faith in DIYs and home remedies led her to start this brand.

‘Myoho’ – comes from the Buddhist chant Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō which means – Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Universe or Glory to the Sutra of the Lotus of the Supreme Law.

And that’s what you see in their logo – lotus – the symbol of purity. They have chosen the perfect color PURPLE which combines calm stabiliy of BLUE and fierce energy of RED. Purple color represents wealth, luxury, creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, independence and that’s exactly what this brand represents!

The products are unique at Myoho as they are not just handmade but made with utmost care, love and passion. I was awestruck when I came to know that they keep chanting the mantra while curating the products. This is so unique! They make sure to send lots of love and good vibes with each and every piece of product.

They have a wide range of skincare and haircare products. All their products are curated from potent FDA approved plant based ingredients and are free from nasties like paraben, mineral oil, SLS, artificial colorants, artificial fragrance and more.

I absolutely love their Green tea toner, Body scrub, Mineral sunscreen and Miracle oil enchantist!

Product Description

Myoho Pure by Priyanka Foot Cream Review
Myoho Pure by Priyanka Foot Cream

Our Foot Cream nourishes your feet like no other. With the highly-emollient shea butter, rich coconut milk & naturally healing Vitamin E, this one smoothens & softens your feet like magic. On top of that, our foot cream is also meant to ease foot ache and relax your feet. Just try massaging it after a long, hard day – you’ll get to know what we’re talking about! Bid goodbye to rough, dry and calloused feet.

Price – 600/60g glass jar

Availability – Website of Pure by Priyanka with Discount Code PEPILIO10 for 10% off


This foot cream comes in a glass jar with screw cap. It is a lovely tiny jar with all details mentioned on the label.

Texture & Smell

It has very thick and buttery texture which melts when you rub and smells like natural butters.

Myoho Foot Cream
Myoho Foot Cream


Kokum Butter(Garcinia Indica Seed Butter) , Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao), Shea Butter(Butyrospermum Parkii), Bees Wax(Cera Alba), Almond Oil (Prunus Amygadalus Ducis) , Coconut Oil, Coco Oil, , Peppermint And Cedarwood Oil

My Experience with Myoho Pure by Priyanka Foot Cream

If you know me, you guys know that my boy skin is Sahara dry plus I live in area which is near to the dessert which makes skin super dry in winters. I have to be extra careful in colder months otherwise my skin becomes very very dry and feet crack badly. I use any thick and rich foot cream every single night and pull up socks to seal in everything.

Cruelty Free Foot Cream in India
Cruelty Free Foot Cream in India

Myoho Pure by Priyanka Foot Cream is thick and buttery, it absorbs on damp feet. I noticed my very dry feet healing in 3-4 days. I apply thick layer and pull on the socks keeping it overnight. It is not very light so I would suggest wearing socks afterwards.

My Take on Myoho Pure by Priyanka Foot Cream

Myoho Pure by Priyanka Foot Cream is indeed a great foot cream. It is great if you have very dry or cracked heels. I would highly recommend it. Use Discount code PEPILIO10 to save some bucks on your purchases from Pure by Priyanka.


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