Luxury Bath Experience with Myoho – Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub

Let’s talk about a luxurious SPA product today! I am not a person who would take care of body regularly but I never skip to exfoliate or mask my body on the days I use hair conditioner. Well, I don’t know what to do after applying hair conditioner and so to pass that time, I scrub my body! I have been using Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub from quite some time and my tub is already near to finishing!

About Pure by Priyanka

This brand is founded by a very passionate lady Priyanka Sarna. Her curiosity and faith in DIYs and home remedies led her to start this brand.

‘Myoho’ – comes from the Buddhist chant Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō which means – Devotion to the Mystic Law of the Universe or Glory to the Sutra of the Lotus of the Supreme Law.

And that’s what you see in their logo – lotus – the symbol of purity. They have chosen the perfect color PURPLE which combines calm stabiliy of BLUE and fierce energy of RED. Purple color represents wealth, luxury, creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, independence and that’s exactly what this brand represents!

The products are unique at Myoho as they are not just handmade but made with utmost care, love and passion. I was awestruck when I came to know that they keep chanting the mantra while curating the products. This is so unique! They make sure to send lots of love and good vibes with each and every piece of product.

They have a wide range of skincare and haircare products. All their products are curated from potent FDA approved plant based ingredients and are free from nasties like paraben, mineral oil, SLS, artificial colorants, artificial fragrance and more.

About Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub

Myoho - Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub

Slough off the dead skin on your body & reveal fresh, baby-soft skin underneath with our Honey Vanilla Body Scrub! Enriched with honey, avocado oil, brown sugar, almond seed meal, caramel, vanilla & almond oil – this one is gritty enough to exfoliate all the grime & dead skin; yet nourishing enough to pamper your skin like no other! With a delicious fragrance & rich texture, it deserves to be your skin’s BFF.

How to Use?

Wet your skin with warm water. Massage your skin well with the Honey Vanilla Body Scrub and then rinse off. Use 2-3 times a week for best results. Remember that this scrub is not meant to be used on your face.

Ingredient Spotlight

Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub is jam packed with luscious ingredients like vanilla, honey, milk protein, brown sugar, deeply nourishing oils of macadamia, argan and avacado, soothing oat meal and almond meal and much more.

Honey, milk extract, brown sugar, oat meal and almond meal not just exfoliate well to take off the dead skin cells but also nourish the skin and leave it silky soft nourished.

Texture and Aroma

Myoho - Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub

Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub has gel like texture and most amazing aroma. The granules are even and not very coarse just perfect for body skin. It is a spa in a jar and it smells HAVENLY! I wish I could make you smell this!


Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub comes in a dark amber coloured plastic jar with classic golden screw cap. Inner plastic lid is provided to prevent spillage. Usage instructions are given on packaging.

My Experience with Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub

I fell in love with opening this luxurious scrub. Believe me it smells heavenly and makes you eat this! The moment I open this beautiful jar, my bathroom fills up with oh so heavenly aroma. As I said earlier, I use this on my hair wash days. I scoop out required amount and apply it on damp skin. I massage for 2-3 mins and leave it for about a min. This scrub gently exfoliates the skin, particles are perfect. It leaves my skin polished and moisturized and and and it makes me smell amazing!

Full Ingredient List of Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub

Honey, Glycerine, Macadamia seed oil, Non fat dry milk, Hydrozled Milk protein, Brown sugar, Vanilla extract, Oatmeal, Almond seed meal, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Cetyl alcohol, Dimethicone, Hydroxy propyl starch

Myoho - Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub

Price, Shelf life and Availability

850 INR for 250ml tub with 1 year of shelf life, available at


  • Cruelty free
  • Smells heavenly
  • Luxurious spa in a jar
  • Exfoliates skin very well
  • Leaves skin moisturized


I would highly recommend Pure by Priyanka Honey Vanilla Body Scrub to everyone. It smells heavenly and not less than a spa in a jar! It is indeed a great product to use on special occasions to pamper skin as well as ideal to gift someone. If you are looking for a luxurious bath experience, just grab this amazing body scrub can’t recommend it enough.

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