Recent Empties 2019 Vol. 3

It took really long time to finish up the pictured products. I made constant efforts to use up both the masks by Greenberry Organics to finish up before they expire. I am so happy to see products finished up before expiry. This inspired me to use up existing stash before purchasing any new skincare item from same category. I have tendency to start using a product then I see sales and buy something even though I have the product for same benefits and this goes on. I use up the products that I like a lot and the other opened 30-40% used products remain on the shelf until they expire. I want to break this kind of behaviour. So, starting from this month, I am going on Project Pan. I will talk about this in a separate post. Coming back to empties post, following are the products that I finished in last 1 and a half months.

Recent empties 2019 vol 3

Urban Platter Rose Water

It is the cheapest steam distilled rose water I have come across. I absolutely love this. It smells divine.

Price: 390 INR for 600ml bottle, available on amazon

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo

This is the best nastie free shampoo – free from sulphate, paraben and a lot more harsh chemicals. I love it a lot; I wish I had stocked 4 bottles during TBS’s 50% sale.

Price: 695 INR for 250ml bottle, available on the website of The body Shop and Amazon

Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum

I will be reviewing this super soon. This is my second empty bottle and I am using the third one. I will be using The Ordinary’s 100% pure L-ascorbic powder for my day time dose of vitamin C once I finish this.

Price: 2250 INR for 30ml glass bottle, can be bought from neemli

Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA++++

This cut tube simply depicts how much I love it. I am on my second tube and already have a backup. Full review is up here.

Price: $23 =~ 1600 INR for 80ml tube

Greeberry Organics Mudash 3 in 1 mask

I love this detoxifying mask. I used this 3-4 times as body mask to finish it because I dint want to waste it. I have recently reviewed it.

Price: 558 INR for 100ml jar

Greenberry Organics Daily Detox Charcoal Gel Mask

I love this cooling and detoxifying gel mask. It dint suit on my face but did wonders to heat rashes I got, will be reviewing this soon.

Price: 555 INR for 100ml jar

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel

I always forget to add this in my empties post. I have countless empty jars for this aloe gel which I am using to store my DIY skincare. I have been using it from more than a year now in my daily PM routine.

Price: 200 INR for 100ml jar

Also, instead of doing empty posts randomly, I will do it every month!

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