Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water Review

Hey guys. I am up with review of Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water today. We have discount code PEPILIO with the brand to avail flat 15% off! You guys know that I am a rose water addict! I absolutely love spritzing rose water or any cooling floral mist throughout the day to keep the skin refreshed and cooling calming.

Shesha Beauty Rose Water Review
Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water

About Shesha Beauty

Shesha Beauty is a home grown brand from God’s own country, Kerala, the brainchild of our own blogger Renji Anooj from makeupoholicworld. Their products are cruelty free, pure, and authentic – based on age old ayurvedic recipes. Brand has a wide range of effective products for majority of skin and hair concerns. All the ingredients are sourced from Western Ghats and from Kerala forests. All their oil formulations are cold pressed and in purest form. Extra virgin coconut oil, kasturi manjal, pure rose water, nalpramadi thailam are their hot selling products.

Product Description

Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water Review
Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water

Shesha Naturals Steam Distilled Rosewater is made from freshly plucked roses from Kannauj. It has a mild and natural aroma. Fresh Kannauj roses are steam distilled in the traditional way to make this 100% natural pure rose water which refreshes and hydrates skin. Our Rose Water can be used as a toner, Face & Body mist and base for face packs or ubtans. It helps soothe skin and make it glow naturally. This rose water is collected through the traditional deg-bhapka method. I have explained this method in detail here!

Price – 399 INR | 100ml plastic bottle

AvailabilityWebsite of Shesha Beauty with discount code PEPILIO for 15% off

Shelf Life – 24 months from the date of manufacturing

Shesha Naturals Rose Water Review
Shesha Naturals Rose Water


This one comes in plastic bottle with spray nozzle. The mister distributes the mist very evenly and finely. All details are mentioned on back of the bottle.


This rose water has smell of nothing but the pure roses. It legit smells like a garden of fresh roses and I absolutely love it!

My Experience with Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water

Ahh I absolutely love this Rose Water. It is truly amazing and a must have from the brand. I use it as a face mist and to activate my face masks. This is pure love and can be used in multiple ways. I have been using it from quite long time and I cannot stop vouching the goodness! It is purest, too good and affordable at the same time. The quality is impeccable and not a single reason to not use or recommend. Just grab this and enjoy the goodness of pure roses.

Shesha Naturals Rose Water Review
Shesha Naturals Rose Water

My Take on Shesha Beauty Rose Pure Water

Shesha Beauty Rose Water is pure love! It is pure, natural and derived using the ancient steam distilled method. The best part is that it the roses used are from the perfume city Kannauj – known for extremely amazing quality of roses. I highly recommend Shesha Beauty Pure Rose Water to everyone! Don’t forget using my discount code PEPILIO! It is creulty free, natural and one of the best rose waters in India!


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