Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan Review

Hola guys! I am up with review of the beautiful Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan today. We have discount code PEPILIO – 15% on entire range of Shesha Beauty! This is a brilliant face mask that brightens up skin instantly and leaves healthy glow behind. This has bomb ingredients and it is affordable too!

About Shesha Beauty

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Shesha Beauty

Shesha Beauty is a home grown brand from God’s own country, Kerala, the brainchild of our own blogger Renji Anooj from makeupoholicworld. Their products are cruelty free, pure, and authentic – based on age old ayurvedic recipes. Brand has a wide range of effective products for majority of skin and hair concerns. All the ingredients are sourced from Western Ghats and from Kerala forests. All their oil formulations are cold pressed and in purest form. Extra virgin coconut oil, kasturi manjal, pure rose water, nalpramadi thailam are their hotselling products.

Product Description

  • Effective in removing face tan and retain natural skin color
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Reduce blemishes, acne, scars and pigmentation issues with regular use
  • Can be used daily as a cleanser and mask
  • Provide natural freshness and glow throughout the day
Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan Review
Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan

How to Use?

Take required quantity of Shesha Naturals Kumkumadi Suvarna Ubtan and mix it with lukewarm water / curd / milk / Shesha Naturals Steam Distilled Pure Rose Water to make it a paste. Apply this paste all over face and neck and leave it for about 15 minutes or until dry. Wash off using normal water and feel the natural freshness throughout the day.

Price – 599/50g plastic jar

AvailabilityWebsite of Shesha Beauty -> Discount code PEPILIO for 15% off


Shesha Naturals Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan comes in plastic jar with classic golden screw cap – the similar packaging for all their powder based products. All the details are mentioned on the label. I love the luxurious packaging!

Texture & Aroma

This ubtan has very fine texture. It doesn’t feel gritty at all on skin. It has beautiful herbal aroma which is not overpowering and very soothing.


Crocus Sativus (Pure Saffron from Himalayan ranges), Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis (Organic Hibiscus Flowers), Nelumbo Nucifera (Organic Lotus Petals), Red Tree Barks, Organic Rose Petals, Dried Aloe Vera, Almond, Nutmeg, Avarampoo, Tulsi Leaves, Green Gram, Bengal Gram, White Turmeric, Amla, Neem Leaves, Nut Grass

Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan Review
Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan

My Experience with Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan

I use Shesha Naturals Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan with rose water on clean face. I always keep spritzing rose water at intervals and wash off before this dries up completely. I have shared more tips related to face masks here. This mask gives instant brightness and I feel it detoxes and calms my skin. It stings slightly because of hibiscus I believe. Over a period of time, I noticed reduction in scars. What I love the most about Shesha Naturals Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan is the way it calms my skin. I never expected this mask would be calming but it does and I am so happy! Rose petals, lotus petals, aloe extract and white turmeric are hero ingredients in calming the skin!

I noticed that the mask slightly tingles if skin is aggravated so I will suggest you diluting it with curd or some other mask if you have very sensitive skin. Also, it exfoliates the skin very mildly which is an added benefit. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

My Take on Shesha Beauty Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan

Shesha Naturals Suvarna Kumkumadi Ubtan is a great face mask to brighten and calm the skin. I highly highly recommend it to everyone. Use Discount code PEPILIO to save some bucks! This is one of the best brightening face masks in India based on Ayurvedic formulations and I absolutely love it.


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