Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Face Wash Powder Review

Hey guys, I am up with Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Face Wash Powder Review today. We have discount code PEPILIO with the brand to avail flat 15% off! This is a beautiful powder cleanser that I prefer using as the first step in my morning skincare routine. Let’s get into the review!

About Shesha Beauty

Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Face Wash Powder Review
Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Face Wash Powder

Shesha Beauty is a home grown brand from God’s own country, Kerala, the brainchild of our own blogger Renji Anooj from makeupoholicworld. Their products are cruelty free, pure, and authentic – based on age old ayurvedic recipes. Brand has a wide range of effective products for majority of skin and hair concerns. All the ingredients are sourced from Western Ghats and from Kerala forests. All their oil formulations are cold pressed and in purest form. Extra virgin coconut oil, kasturi manjal, pure rose water, nalpramadi thailam are their hotselling products.

Product Description

  • A 100% Herbal Soap Free Face Wash Powder for all Skin Types
  • A effective face wash powder for all skin types
  • Absorbs excess oil and keep your face oil free
  • Act as a daily scrub to effectively remove blackheads
  • Helps reduce acne, blemishes etc with regular use
  • Maintain skin freshness and glow throughout the day

How to Use?

  • Take required quantity of Shesha Naturals Tejaswini Daily Face Wash Powder and mix it with normal water to make it a paste.
  • Apply this paste all over face and neck and massage it in circular motions for about 15 to 20 seconds. Wash off using normal water and feel the natural freshness and glow throughout the day.
Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Face Wash Powder Review
Shesha Naturals Tejaswini

Price – 399 for 50g plastic jar

AvailabilityWebsite of Shesha Beauty

Shelf Life – 24 months from date of manufacturing

Texture & Aroma

Shesha Beauty Tejaswini
Shesha Beauty Tejaswini

Shesha Naturals Tejaswini has very beautiful herbal aroma. It takes me to the unforgettable memories with my grandma! The texture is very very finely milled. It is not at all abrasive and very gentle yet effective.


Shesha Beauty Tejaswini comes in a beautiful plastic jar. It has green label and golden screw cap. I love how thoughtful and classy the packaging is. I forgot to capture the maroon cloth pouch in which everything was packed. The brand does not use bubble wraps.

Full Ingredients

Almond, Green Gram, Bengal Gram, Organic Rose Petals, Aloe Vera, Orange Peel, Avarampoo, Hibiscus

My Experience with Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Cleanser

This powder cleanser is made from pure organic skin loving ingredients! India has very old treasury heritage of ancient ayurvedic skincare and haircare recipes! Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Powder Cleanser will surely remind you of our roots. The beautiful herbal aroma each time reminds me of the time I had spent with Nanima.

Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Face Wash Powder Review
Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Face Wash Powder

Since I am not into too much facial scrubbing, I absolutely enjoy using powder cleansers in morning for extremely gentle exfoliation. This is one such powder cleanser that I love using in mornings. I activate it with plain water or any floral water. I massage it on wet face for about a minute and rinse it off. This cleanser cleanses the skin well without stripping natural moisture. It is not abrasive and just perfect. I notice healthy glow with each usage due to beautiful ingredients like roses, orange peel, avarampoo and my recent favourite hibiscus!

The formulation is made very carefully. I must say the proportion of all ingredients is maintained very well since the cleanser does the job right without stripping off moisture very effectively. One should definitely give this a try! If you wear sunscreen (which ideally you should wear daily) or makeup, I won’t suggest using this one as second cleanser – go for mild gel cleanser. Double cleansing is extremely important to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

My Take on Shesha Beauty Tejaswini

This is one of the best ever powder cleansers! It cleanses the skin so effectively plus it is so so mild and gentle on skin and very affordable too! Discount code PEPILIO will give you 15% off! I will highly highly reccomend Shesha Beauty Tejaswini Soap Free Powder Cleanser to everyone! Get it without any second thought if you are looking for a good powder cleanser. It is great cleanser for morning skincare routine!


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