Skincare Villa Cleansers

I hope I am not the last person to try out Skincare Villa cleansers. I wanted to post first impressions but clouds and rainy season dint give me a chance to click good pictures so posting full reviews hello happy clouds there. Sonali the founder is a blogger. Do check her website if you haven’t. She is very sweet and helpful. I keep on pinging her for skincare or blog related queries every now and then and she always helps me out. She was one of the very first persons with whom I interacted here on insta. One of my previous posts talks about the powder cleansers that I made following her recipe.

Skincare Villa Cleansers
Lavender, Aloe and Green Tea Mint Cleansers L-R

About Skincare Villa

Skincare villa was founded in March 2017 accidently. Yes, the story behind is quite interesting. She made the very first batch of powder cleanser accidently with oats, almonds and roses and used it religiously for few weeks. The reduced breakouts made her fall in love with the amazing cleanser. Sonali then asked her fellow blogger friends to try out the same and that’s how her shop started. It was an accident which turned out to be her bestselling cleanser. However, green tea mint and ubtan are now breaking the records and are now hot sellers.

I ordered 2 of her cleansers according to my skin type in paper pouches but what happens when a formulator gets over excited? She sent me aloe cleanser too and everything in glass jars! Oh yes this is so adorable. The glass jars are very cute. I also got a wooden spoon. Thank you so much for doing this Sonali #128519. I received them more than a month back and I am enjoying these cleansers so so much. I use any one in my AM routine. I shall tell you more in upcoming posts. Skincare Villa has cleansers and masks for all skin types and cleansing balm too. Do check page, everything is very affordable and potent.


The brand offers 3 options to choose – pet jar, oxo recyclable pouches or glass jars. Even though I opted for paper pouches, generous Sonali sent me in cute glass jars! Why so generous #128519 #128557! I am so much touched by this gesture #128525! Glass jars are very cute and have classic golden screw caps with all the information regarding usage and ingredients imprinted on labels.

Price and Availability in INR per 50g

You can purchase all products of skincarevilla by sending a message on instagram – or from

  • Aloe cleanser – 200
  • Green tea mint cleanser – 250
  • Lavender cleanser – 200

My Experience

All cleansers are in powder forms. Any liquid such as water, floral hydrosol, curd, honey, milk or anything of choice can be added to activate. I use plain warm water as I am always in hurry in morning. I let it soak for a while and use the mushy paste to cleanse face and neck.

Aloe Cleanser

Made with just 4 simple ingredients aloe cleanser gives nice cleansing to skin without stripping off moisture. This cleanser has goodness of oats, aloe, neem, and cucumber. It has earthy aroma with prominent aroma of oats and neem. I use this in AM routine whenever my skin feels slightly dehydrated. The powder is finely milled and can be used even without soaking but I like to do it.

Slincare Villa Aloe Cleanser

Aloe cleanser leaves my skin very soft and cleansed. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the phenomenal results. Aloe, cucumber and neem work so well to calm down the irritation and redness.

Skincare Villa Aloe Cleanser

Green Tea Mint Cleanser

This powder cleanser is made with 4 simple ingredients – oats, almonds, green tea and mint. The very first thing to notice is the uplifting, refreshing tangy aroma of mint. This cleanser is perfect for my usual mornings to give me WAKE ME UP feeling. I am experiencing the presence of mint for the first time in skincare and totally loving it. The powder is very finely milled and it is not at all abrasive – love this perfect consistency.

Skincare Villa Green Tea Mint Cleanser

Green tea mint cleanser not only performs well as a cleanser but also controls excess oil secretion for a few hours. It doesn’t dry out the skin which is the best part! I experience lesser breakouts around the corners of my nose – all thanks to the goodness of green tea and mint. I would highly suggest keeping it at least for 2-3 minutes on face before washing off.

Skincare Villa Green Tea Mint Cleanser

Green tea mint cleanser works well on acne anywhere on your body. I don’t have any bacne (back acne) but if you have, I would highly suggest you to use this cleanser. In a nutshell – this cleanser is BOMB and I now know why it is so much loved. It is perfectly suitable for normal to oily skin types. If you are suffering from acne issues/oiliness or if you like the minty aroma, just close your eyes and grab this baby. It is the bestseller of brand!

Lavender Cleanser

Skincare Villa Lavender Cleanser

Lavender Cleanser is made up of just 4 simple ingredients – oats, almonds, rice and lavender. This cleanser has prominent fragrance of lavender and it smells HEAVENLY. It has the softest consistency out of all variants that I used and so I love using it as a face mask. Lavender cleanser calms down my irritated skin – thanks to lavender and rice. I use it as morning cleanser on next day of exfoliating skin and use it as a second cleanser cum mask whenever skin feels flared up. Lavender Cleanser has my heart and I love it so so much!

Skincare Villa Lavender Cleanser


Skincare Villa has affordable range of cleansers and masks for each skin type. My sensitive skin loves these cleanses. I would highly highly recommend you to try out her products. If you have sensitive skin and your skin can’t take up foaming cleansers, powder cleansers are the right cleansers for you!

If you have acne prone skin which is on oilier side – close your eyes and grab Green tea mint cleanser. It is BOMB I tell you. If you have sensitive skin or like lavender – look no further and grab lavender cleanser. Such an impressively soft, calming and soothing cleanser it is! It has my heart because as you know I have sensitive skin which gets irritated within minutes if I eat something spicy or if I face weird weather changes. Aloe cleanser is soft and calming I think it is more versatile and suitable to all skin types. Do I need to say more? Just visit her page and grab the clean goodies. Your skin will thank you!

Bonus – you can also use all cleansers as face masks!

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