The Body Shop Red Musk Body Mist Review

Hello Beauties! I am going to review The Body Shop Red Musk Body Mist. You guys know that I am huge fan of fragrances. I absolutely love wearing beautiful fragrances daily. I wear mists even when I am at home 😬! I wear EDTs otherwise. There would be hardly some days when I am not wearing fragrance (I might have forgotten)! Who doesn’t like smelling nice, right? Fragrance is very personal and subjective choice and I always prefer sniffing before buying. I don’t like very strong or citrusy fragrances. They give me unwanted headache. I love heavenly smelling body care products like this body scrub!

The Body Shop has a huge collecxtion of body care products and fragrances in many of their lines like British rose, White musk, Japanese cherry blossom, Vanilla, Strawberry, Fuji Green tea and so on. The best part is, TBS offers 100% cruelty free fragrances, they are PETA certified and you can easily sniff and test whatever you want to from their entire range at offline stores and choose what you want to buy. I have to stay away from their store because each time I visit, I pick something. I finished this beautiful Red Musk mist from them recently and posting my review here.

The Body Shop Red Musk Body Mist Review
The Body Shop Red Musk Fragrance Body Mist

Product Description

This fragrance mist is a bold blend of musk spiced up with sparkling pepper, warm cinnamon and alluring tobacco notes. Layer with other Red Musk? products to build the fragrance.


The Body Shop Red Musk Body Mist comes in a transparent glass bottle with spray pump on top. It doesn’t have outer packaging. You can see through how much mist is left. The deep red-brownish label represents the spicy notes of this which looks classy too.

My Experience with The Body Shop Red Musk Body Mist

I am not a huge fan of spicy fragrances but I love wearing them occasionally. TBS Red Musk Body Mist is a bold spicy-woody fragrance. It is not very strong or overpowering but a subtle musky fragrance. There is no hint of floral or fruity fragrance, stay away if you like only floral or fruity fragrances. Best time to use perfume is right after showering, so that the fragrance stays longer.

I have already finished this mist recently, I enjoyed this thoroughly. I use this if I am out for shorter duration since this is a mist and it doesn’t last longer. I don’t like carrying this at work or anywhere outside – hello it occupies space and of course the fear of getting bottle broken and being embarrassed upon bursting perfume shop in public! I like carrying pocket size perfumes when I am out or travelling or else I don’t carry. Have you read my review of Annmarie Essential Oil Blends?

The Body Shop has other body products in many ranges like shower gel, body lotion, body scrub, body butter and lot more but Red Musk line has only fragrances no body care products. May be this line is not loved by many or some other reason I don’t know.

Stay Power

The mist lasts for 3-4 hours. Of course this is a good stay power considering that it is a body mist. EDT or EDP will last longer of same fragrance.

Price & Availability

1195 for 100ml glass bottle. Can be purchased from official website or offline of The Body Shop or Nykaa. They keep on running offers, grab when they have sale.


Fragrance is very personal choice, better to sniff it at offline store before buying. I got this after sniffing at The Body Shop outlet. If you like spicy, woody, musky fragrances, then you will like this. The Body Shop has really good collection of cruelty free fragrances. If you are a fragrance lover, you should definitely check them out! Fragrance is a great option to gift as well!

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