Triveda Kumkumadi Beauty Face Oil Review

Hey people. I am reviewing Triveda Kumkumadi Face Oil today. Kumkumadi elixir has been used from ages in India. This is one of the best and affordable Kumkumadi oils in India. I love this luxury oil so so much.

Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil

Kumkumadi oil is prepared from extremely potent ingredients such as goat milk, saffron, licorice, sandalwood, rose, lotus, vetiver extracts and much more potent oils such as sesame oil. The process of preparing Kumkumadi oil is very tedious and the ingredients are very much expensive and potent hence you always see Kumkumadi oils sold at higher prices. It has been prepared with ancient traditional method in India.

Kumkumadi oil helps in treating eczema, hyperpigmentation, tan, dark spots, helps in evening out the skin tone. There is no single reason to not use Kumkumadi oil unless and until you are allergic to some ingredient.

Triveda Kumkumadi Oil

Triveda Kumkumadi Oil
Triveda Kumkumadi Oil

An Ayurvedic formulation which is highly effective and potent which helps in Dullness , Uneven skin tone, Scars , Blemishes , Reduces signs of aging , Dehydrated skin. It is made with Ayurvedic indian herbs, Kashmir saffron ,Cold pressed Moroccon Argan oil. Dermatologically Tested (Non-Irritant) , Suitable for all skin types , Australian Certified Toxin free , Manufactured in a ISO certified facility , Synthetic fragrance free .

Price – 900 INR /15ml, purchase from Amazon


This kumkumadi oil comes in a cute little glass dropper bottle. Dropper was separately given in the outer box. The outer box has all the details mentioned. I love the beautiful golden dropper and golden-white aesthetically pleasing packaging which depicts simplicity, elegance and luxury.

Texture & Aroma

Triveda Kumkumadi Beauty Face Oil Review
Triveda Kumkumadi Beauty Face Oil

Triveda Kumkumadi oil has medium consistency. The oil is yellow in colour and smells divine of saffron. If you like the beautiful aroma of saffron, you might want to drink this!


All the details are mentioned on back of the outer box.

Triveda Kumkumadi Oil Review
Triveda Kumkumadi Oil Review

My Experience with Triveda Kumkumadi Elixir

I use this oil in PM skincare routine after cleanser -> toner -> serum step. This is a very beautiful facial oil that gives healthy glow each morning and keeps my skin supple and nourished. I never broke out or faced any sort of irritation due to this oil. I really enjoy sealing of everything with luxury facial oil. The aroma of Kumkumadi oil itself calms me down. My skin looks more healthy and dewy with this oil.

Over a period of time, I observed my skin became more even toned, scars fading and more than anything I feel this oil calms my skin down which I never expected. I absolutely love Triveda Kumkumadi oil and highly recommend it to everyone for the healthy glowing skin.

Oils take few minutes to get absorbed and they absorb well on damp skin so make sure you do not apply oil on dry skin. Also, give it sufficient time to show the effects.


If you like facial oils, just get Triveda Kumkumadi Face Oil without any second thought. It is affordable and amazing to calm skin, give healthy dewy finish and give even toned skin. You can grab it from Amazon.


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