Urban Platter Rose Water

About Urban Platter

Before jumping into product review, I would like to introduce this amazing Indian brand and give it a huge shout out for bringing a wide range of food items. Urban Platter was founded in 2015 based in Mumbai, India. They have exclusive range of food items from exotic teas, coffees, pickles, dried herbs, nuts, butters, baking items, chocolates, supplements and what not. You have to visit their website and see the range. I am damn sure you will be amazed. Not just you, your entire family will be hooked because it has a vast collection.

Urban Platter Rose Water

Packaging of Urban Platter Rose Water

Urban Platter Rose Water comes in a huge opaque plastic bottle with screw cap. A protector cap is provided, you can either make a hole to dispense rose water or remove the protector. I transfer it in a small empty spray bottle and use it. Of course, it is not convenient to open this huge bottle on daily basis.

My Experience

Urban Platter Rose Water is an amazing rose water, the cheapest rose water I have ever used. The rose water is derived through steam distillation method and the quality is superb. It smells same as fresh roses and I love it. You might know that I am a floral water addict. I need any floral water to spritz on face right after washing face, right after coming back home and whenever my skin feels dehydrated. Urban Platter Rose Water is indeed refreshing and calming. I use it as face mist and hair mist and sometimes I soak muslin cloth with this rose water and keep it on my eyes. I have used steam distilled rose waters by Kama Ayurveda, Zofla and Urban Platter till now. I love all and I use all in rotation.

Urban Platter Rose Water


400 INR for 600ml bottle but I see it usually at discounted price – 375 INR

They also provide rose water in a glass bottle which is priced at 225 INR for 200ml, which too is highly affordable.

Shelf Life

18 months from date of packing.


It is easily available on amazon and urban platter’s website.

Thumbs Up

  • 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free
  • Premium edible rose water
  • Very affordable
  • Huge quantity is environment friendly

Thumbs Down

  • Needs to be filtered in case of internal consumption
Urban Platter Rose Water

Worth a Repurchase?

Hell yes! This is the cheapest rose water available in India. The quality is not compromised at the same time which is a big plus.


If you are someone like me who likes to spritz floral mist every now and then, this is the perfect floral water for you. I do believe that Urban Platter Rose Water is highly under rated. It truly deserves a huge shout out for providing excellent quality at affordable rates.

Urban Platter has recently launched aromatic water variants such as lavender, vetiver, lemongrass, speramint, orange blossom, black paper, cardamom, lime, clove, cinnamon and jasmine. Isn’t it just amazing? Can we take a moment and appreciate Urban Platter for providing us such beautiful and unique aromatic waters?

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