Head to Toe Treatment with Urvi Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconuts have head to toe benefits and they are widely used in many cuisines too. You will see coconuts everywhere in South India. Have you observed young skin and thick black hair of South Indians? It is all because of coconuts.

Our ancestors knew that coming generations would underrate coconuts so they included “Shreefal” in all rituals so that we consume coconuts. They were really smart!

I have been using coconut oil religiously for body care from really long time and I have tried out some brands. Out of which not all are pure. I sniff, see colour, texture to judge the quality of coconut oil. Urvi Naturals Coconut oil is of highest quality and is edible too. This coconut oil is prepared from fresh coconuts and not dried ones.

About Urvi Naturals

Mother daughter duo Riddhi Jain and Madhu Jain founded this brand in 2017 with a motto to provide clean products derived from exotic natural ingredients. This duo has experience in aromatherapy, they ensure to provide nothing but the highest quality. Urvi means heaven in sanskrit. Products offered by them are completely free from nasties.

This Indian brand has an amazing variety of cold pressed oils, soaps, perfume oils, essential oils, face and body mists and more.


Urvi Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes in transparent plastic bottle with inner stopper and silver screw cap. It is very convenient to use this oil.

Texture and Aroma

It is a thick coconut oil without any adulteration and smells of fresh coconuts.

Urvi Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review
Urvi Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

My Experience

I have been using Urvi Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in following ways and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am a big fan of coconut oil and I have used coconut oils from some brands. Well, not all coconut oils are pure and natural even though they claim it. This oil is 100% purest I am telling this from my experience. The aroma is very pure of fresh coconuts and not of dried ones. Which means the oil is purest without any kind of adulteration.

How I use Coconut Oil

Hair Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil is extremely beneficial to stimulate hair growth. I take some coconut oil in bowl and add 1 drop of rosemary EO, warm it in double boiler and apply on scalp and hair. Commercial coconut oils give me itchy scalp but pure cold pressed coconut oils do not. This one too did not cause me any irritation or itchiness as it is pure.

Body Moisturizer

Coconut oil deeply nourishes skin so it is great for dry skin like mine. But alone coconut oil feels heavy so I take equal parts of aloe gel and coconut oil, whip it and my beautiful body lotion is ready. I also make body butter using other oils and butters.

All Purpose + Wound Healer

We tend to get rough dry patches on elbows and knees right? I apply some coconut oil for extra nourishment. I also apply coconut oil on healing wounds. Once the wound is in healing process, the skin tends to get very itchy. Moisturizing it with oil doesn’t give any irritation.


Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids which are great for health. I use coconut oil occasionally in some dishes (we use groundnut oil for cooking). It tastes good and a very good healthy option.

Other Uses of Coconut Oil

Makeup Cleanser

Many women use coconut oil to remove makeup. Coconut oil breaks every traces of makeup, dirt and grime from skin however it is highly comedogenic so if you want to use it as makeup remover, please check if it suits you or not.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is the ancient technique to pull out the toxins from body by squishing oil in mouth for about 20 minutes. It improves the health of gum, teeth as well as overall health issues.

Price and Availability

350 INR for 200ml bottle with shelf life of 24 months, can be purchased from website of Urvi Naturals. This is so affordable!


I would highly recommend Urvi Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It is a multipurpose oil and a must have for anyone; it is edible and very affordable. I would highly suggest visiting their range. They have a wide range of natural products.

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