Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash

I have been using Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash from quite a few weeks now. Let’s get straight to the review.

Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash

About Vedantika Herbals

Vedantika Herbals is an Indian brand aiming to provide 100% natural products without adding any kind or fragrance, artificial colorants or any nasties. They have a wide range of health care, skincare and body care products.

Product Description

Vedantika Herbals Rose Sandal Face Wash contains rose oil, sandalwood oil, aloe vera, rose water, glycerin, honey, and spring water. It removes dirt and dust particles from the skin gently. It acts as a natural cleanser, giving a cooling effect to skin. This is excellent to treat sunburns. The face wash gives a softer feeling to the skin. It helps reducing the spots and gives blemish-free skin. It gives a radiant look to the face. Vedantika Herbals Rose Sandal Face Wash protects the skin from irritation. Aloe vera in this face wash helps in healing any infection or cuts on the skin. Glycerin deeply moisturizes the skin. This product contains spring water, which makes skin bright and radiant. It guards against skin aging. It improves skin health and maintains skin elasticity. For a natural glow to the face, use Vedantika Herbals Rose Sandal Face Wash. It is suitable for all skin types.

Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash

Texture and Fragrance

As seen in the picture, Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash is pink in colour with beautiful natural blend of rose and sandalwood oils. The fragrance is not too strong but all natural. I like it. It has a thick gel like texture.


The face wash I housed in sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a pump and cap. The pump dispenser is really nice.

Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash


I wish brand had disclosed full ingredient list.

Rose Oil, Sandal Wood Oil, Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Glycerin, Honey, Spring Water

My Experience

I have been using this face wash from almost 20 days now. Since it is a foaming cleanser, I use it in my PM routine only. My combination skin turns out dry and stretchy if I use any foaming cleansers in AM routine. I usually use powder cleansers or hydrating gentle cleansers in AM. I take 1 pump of Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash and dot it on wet face. I message to lather up and work with it for around a minute before rinsing off.

This face wash lathers up well and cleanses the skin nicely. 1 pump is enough to cover entire face. Upon rinsing off, I found slightly dryness after first usage, later it was fine. My skin feels cleansed and refreshed. However, on days when my skin is slightly dehydrated, I do feel dryness. Also, the fragrance in this face wash stings on irritated areas. It works fine on other days though. Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash would be suitable to oily skin types. It is really strange when nourishing and softening ingredients like rose, honey, sandalwood, aloe vera are present, the face wash isn’t moisturizing.

Price and Availability

199 INR for 100ml, easily available on brand’s website, amazon and major shopping portals

Shelf Life

24 months from date of packaging


Brand has not disclosed full ingredient list. That’s bothering me. If you are ok with it and want to try out an affordable face wash, you can try this out. Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal Face Wash is suitable to combination to oily skin types. If you have slightly dehydrated or dry skin or you are not comfortable with essential oils, please stay away from this.

*Product description and ingredients portion are taken from brand’s page.

*Kindly gifted by brand in exchange of honest review.

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