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Zofla Rose Water
Zofla Lavender Water
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Attar – the traditional Indian perfume is made by blending high quality floral essential oils that are extracted though steam distillation. I still remember my grandpa wearing different attars everyday when I was very young. Some attars were to be used on special occasions. Kannauj – the perfume city of India is famous for its exotic white clay, providing the best environment for roses. Kannauj has remained famous for the providing attars to Mughal emperors.

There were over 700 perfume distilleries in Kannauj which are diminished to just 100 today. Synthetic – alcohol based perfumes, lack of sandalwood oil and high cost of production has given this result. A person who values the attars, who has enjoyed attars in his life would only respect and understand the quality of attars. Just imagine how many persons are dependent on a distillery! Firstly, it has remained the age old family business so houses of the entire family and families of the employed person in distillery are run. It is a shattering fact that when a distillery is shut, so many families get affected.

Fresh flowers are handpicked before sunrise and sent to distilleries to be used on the same day. The flowers are then put into large copper vessel (known as dheg bhapka) with a little amount of cold water. Fire is set beneath the copper vessel using wood or dung for 6-8 hours. Essential oil is then collected through the steam generated. It is collected in another pot by attaching a bamboo pipe to the copper vessel. This is a long and complex process.

About the brand

Fatima Rabab belongs to one such historic family. Rabab along with her father ventured into preserving their family history by coming up with the brand Zofla in 2015. She wants each one of us to experience the zone of flowers hence named the brand ‘Zofla’. She has made all their products accessible to all by selling them online. The brand produces attars, essential oils, floral hydrosols and face pack. They are using the age old method of using huge copper vessels to extract floral oils and hydrosols.

About the hydrosols

I haven’t shared that I am a hydrosol addict. The every first thing after washing my face is to spritz the floral water. It gives me freshness and the mild fragrance which lingers on for few minutes. Also, I always keep multiple backups of hydrosols. I just cannot live without it.

Zofla has recently launched three new variants of the hydrosols – they are jasmine, vetiver and lavender. Rabab was kind enough to send me all the variants of their hydrosols. Thank you so much Rabab for gifting me these beautiful goodies. I have used multiple bottles of their rose water before.

My experience

  • Hydrosols by Zofla are housed in sturdy plastic bottles having high quality spray nozzle.
  • The spary dispenses even and very fine mist.
  • These are small 100ml bottles, perfect to carry in handbag.
  • All these are vegan, cruelty free, pure, steam distilled, organic and handmade in small batches with love. What else would you expect more?
  • Since the hydrosols are made in fresh batches, the fragrance may vary from batch to batch. But the efficacy remains the same.
  • All these products are made in Kannauj, flowers are grown in Kannauj and handpicked before sunrise.

Zofla Rose Water / Gulab Jal

Zofla Rose Water
Zofla Gulab Jal

Today, the market is full with chemical leaden face, hair and body products in the name of natural. There is no exception about certain brands that claim to be organic but then they shy away from showing full ingredient list. I have come across several brands that hide ingredients and when asked about the reason they say “business policy”. Phew what kind of business policy is it!!

I wish I had known the fact that a specific brand sells water with rose oil and parabens naming it pure rose water years back. It was the only brand I used to see in every store, those were carefree days… I never ever read the ingredients.

Pure rose water is extracted through steam distillation and it is always transparent not pink.

Rose water calms down the skin. Roses have nature to calm down the heat. Nothing else gives the amount of coolness that roses give. I have emptied multiple bottles of this rose water. It smells same as fresh roses, the fragrance varies a bit from batch to batch at it is 100% pure.

Zofla Vetiver Water / Khus Jal

Zofla Vetiver Water
Zofla Khus Jal

Vetiver roots have been used from years in India to prevent from excessive heat during summers.

Early 90’s was an era of coolers in India where ACs were quite new and not everyone could afford it. Vetiver roots were placed on cooler and on windows as woven curtains. The hot air coming from outside would cool down and maintain coolness in that area. This is still followed today in the areas where electricity is not privileged or natural coolants are preferred. 

In many houses including mine vetiver roots are placed in matka (clay pot to store water – water remains cooler in clay pots, it is often called as desi fridge) to keep water cool and fragrant.

Vetiver roots instantly cool down the body. Khus sharbat (syrup) is a famous traditional Indian cooling drink. The moment I sprayed this on face, the sweet fragrance reminded me of the khus sharbat and khus gola I used to have every day in summer vacation in my childhood. I couldn’t stop myself and I kept on spraying this multiple times.

Zofla Lavender Water

Zofla LAvender Water

Lavender flowers have been used from ages to calm down and soothe skin and mood. However, I don’t like artificial lavender fragrance because it gives me headache not calmness. But, real lavender buds and lavender water smell HEAVENLY.

I am not a fan of very strong extremely concentrated citrusy aromas like orange, strawberry, lavender. Believe me, this lavender water actually smells like lavender buds and smells heavenly.

The fragrance is very soothing, calming and not overpowering which I absolutely adore.

The anti inflammatory properties of lavender help in calming the skin and treating infections.

Zofla Jasmine Water / Mogra Jal

Zofla Jasmine Water
Zofla Mogra Jal

Jasmines are auspicious flowers of India. They are offered to God and women wear veni/gajra made of jasmine buds (coiled strands of small flower buds also called tagar veni) as a symbol of good fortune. It is rare today, limited to south India – Mumbai only. Some women wear floral jewellery during weddings or special occasions and that’s it. Everything is fading with time, our customs and traditions as well, not complaining about anything just saying.

Jasmine water helps in balancing dry mature skin. This hydrosol smells exactly same as jasmine flowers. It literally feels like luxury packed in a small bottle.

I love its fragrance a lot and cannot just get enough of it, can’t stop spritzing this aromatic water.

Price and availability

Rose water is priced at 190 INR and the rest are priced at 250 INR – available at discounted price for 225 INR currently.

Products can be purchased from their own site or from amazon.

Amazon Links for quick shopping

If you are a hydrosol addict, these hydrosols are MUST haves in your skincare stash. It is worth giving a try.

PS: Zofla is having a summer sale currently. They are offering FREE shipping on all the orders! It is the perfect time to grab mists in scorching heat.

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