Zofla Diffuser Oils

Zofla Diffuser Oil Review

Kannauj – the perfume capital of India is well known for its superior quality roses. There are 100 or even less traditional distilleries left today. They extract essential oils, floral waters and make various attars. Rabab Fatima – the founder of the brand Zofla – one such distillery in Kannauj, sent me extremely gorgeous and beautiful blended diffuser oils – rose and jasmine. Zofla diffuser oils are 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free. Rabab is preserving this dying art of Kannauj by availing various products online. I have shared more details in this blog post.

A dive into History

As per historic findings, Rooh Gulab attar was discovered accidently by Asmat Begum – mother of Empress Noor Jahan. Noor Jahan’s husband emperor Jahangir was fond of attars. Jahangir noted in his diary that

“I have regret for the Jahangiri itr (named after him) that my father (Akbar’s) nostrils were not gratified with such essences. This is a discovery which was made during my reign through the efforts of the mother of Nur Jahan Begum. When she was making rose-water, a scum formed on the dishes into which the hot rose-water was poured from the jugs…. She collected the scum little by little. It is of such strength in perfume that if one drop is rubbed on the palm of the hand, it scents a whole assembly and it appears as if many such rose-buds had bloomed at once. There is no other scent of equal excellence to it. It restores hearts that have gone (broken), and brings back withered souls. In reward for that invention, I presented a string of pearls to the inventress.”


Let me take a moment and thank Rabab for the beautiful packaging. See the pictures below. Oils came in a cardboard box on which a special message with my name surprised me and made me stare at it for a couple of minutes! Absolutely love this personal touch.

Zofla Diffuser OIl Review

Upon opening the box I got oils housed in blue glass bottles along with instruction cards and beautiful user friendly droppers. The bottles came with screw cap and outer plastic packaging to prevent spillage. Everything was carefully packed, there was no spillage. Although the plastic dispenser is enough to get control over oil, but the dropper makes it friendlier.

Zofla Diffuser OIl Review
Zofla Diffuser OIl Review

How is diffuser oil extracted?

Rabab was kind enough to take her time out answering me the process of extracting these floral diffuser oils. The process goes like:

  • In deg (cauldron – a large copper vessel), fresh flower petals, pure sandalwood oil and base oil are put together on fire. This deg is connected to bhapka (smaller pot) with bamboo pipe. Bhapka is left to cool down, the floral extract floats on water which is then extracted. Oil is distilled multiple times to attain the concentration.
  • Once the oil is collected, it is carefully poured into glass bottles.
  • This whole process requires a lot of efforts along with patience and skills to blend oils.

Zofla Rose Diffuser Oil

Zofla Rose Diffuser Oil Review

Rose oil as known as Ruh Gulab is the fragrance of pure roses is famous from centuries. This luxurious scent was used by Mughals in their royal palaces.

Ruh Gulab was Emperor Jahangir’s absolute favourite scent. He once said that

“There is no other scent of equal excellence to it. It restores hearts that have gone (broken), and brings back withered souls.”

Rose oil can help relieve stress, fight with anxiety and depression, and bring positivity.

It uplifts physical, mental and spiritual levels.

I feel like I am in rose heaven and multiple rose buds are filling up my space whenever I diffuse this beautiful diffuser oil.

Zofla Jasmine Diffuser Oil

While Rose oil is known as Queen of oils due to its sweet delicate feminine fragrance, Jasmine oil is known as the King of oils for various reasons.

This jasmine diffuser oil has very sweet aroma which makes you relaxed, calm and peaceful. The fragrance is not overpowering or strong which is why I love it. I feel like a lot of fresh jasmine flowers are soaked in cold water releasing the sweet aroma and making me relaxed whenever I diffuse it.

Jasmine oil has been used from centuries to deal with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional stress
  • Insomnia
  • Increasing alertness
  • Fight low energy level

How to use diffuser oils?

It is pretty simple. All you need is an oil diffuser or candle.

Oil Diffuser

Add water on top bowl of the oil diffuser and add a few drops of diffuser oil. Put a tea light candle or ghee/oil diya, enlighten and enjoy the aroma.


Take jar candle or tea light candle and add a few drops of diffuser oil. Lighten the candle and enjoy the aroma. Please make sure that you do not add oil while the candle is burning to prevent any sort of accident.

Price and availability

Priced at 350 INR for each, available at their store and on amazon.

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Shelf Life

18 months from date of manufacturing

My Take on Zofla Diffuser Oils

I absolutely love both of these diffuser oils. I sometimes diffuse them alone and sometimes mix these both because rose and jasmine is a classic combination. The fragrance of these oils is 100% pure and natural; there are no additives at all. The fragrance is not as strong as the essential oil which is just perfect for diffuser oil. Without being overpowering, these oils release nice light, refreshing, uplifting scent. If you are looking for diffuser oils, grab these!

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